Spring Break!

Its finally here!  Spring break!  My kid is off until next Tuesday.  I decided to take some time off with her.  I am exhausted and can use some home time too.

Its not going to be too relaxing though.  We walked this morning.


Today was so beautiful.


But we can’t spend all day outside unfortunately.  We have to deal with this:


A gallon of cream colored paint.  My kid is so over these pink walls:


We have pushed all her furniture into the center of her room and we have a huge pile of junk in the living room:




We are going to paint her room tomorrow.  We went to Big Lots and bought her a couple of new pillows and a curtain rod.  Then we went to Target and bought her some curtains and a lamp.  The curtains are for the closet.  She doesn’t have doors on her closet.  It should really be pretty.

For me, I picked up this mirror for $30.00 at Big Lots.  Her dad helped me hang it and I love it. $30.00 Bucks!!  Its beveled too.


I also moved my necklaces to this mans tie holder. (They were on a holder that I could not wait to get rid of, remember?)


















This tie holder is GREAT!!!  They won’t tangle!photo2


I bought this a month or so ago at a thrift store.  Now I need to move the bracelets into the closet as well.  I’m going through my clean out stage again!

We are having a garage sale in May and I didn’t think I would have much, but now I think I am going to have a bunch!

So… that is what we are doing on Spring Break!  Spring Cleaning!

What are you up to?




8 thoughts on “Spring Break!

  1. You’ve got plenty to keep you busy and i love the bargains you’ve picked up. We call it easter holidays over here in the UK. So far I’ve visited family to keep costs down. It’s Free!

  2. I don’t know you outside of reading your blog so I might be out of place but I just have to ask…

    If you can’t find any money to save, should you be spending $30 on a mirror? I kinda get the paint (don’t really agree, but I get it) since you bought it from the oops section and pink walls would drive me nuts, but does a mirror make that big a difference in your room? Does your daughter really NEED the new curtains, lamp, etc? Even $30-50 a month put into savings adds up. Yes, it’s a great bargain, and from what I’ve read your environment is important to you, but so is an emergency fund.

    You’re clearly making an effort to cut expenses where you can, but no matter how cheap an item is you aren’t saving when you spend.

    • K, you are absolutely right! I know it! I don’t have any answer for you other than I still tend to make a few poor choices at times. Most of the time I do okay! I haven’t been able to keep an emergency fund and that is my biggest problem. I do need to work on that. For sure! I am so glad you commented and reminded me! You better come back and comment more! I mean it! Thank you for keeping it real! xoxoxoxo

      • We all make mistakes, and it takes a while to change spending habits, and clearly you’re doing a lot right so I’m glad you took my comment for a nice nudge and not some judgmental stranger trying to take you task 🙂

        I’m just now getting in the habit of posting instead of lurking but I’d be happy to pop in and get more active.

  3. Ha, it’s all in perspective… I thought you were doing a few inexpensive things can make a big difference in your environment. It’s Spring Break and instead of jetting off to Puerta Vallarta, you’re staying home and sprucing things up a bit. Hugs, Debt Girl.

    • Thank you Kim. Oh yes, we would rather be spending spring in Paris! lol. Not like I have ever even been there. I want to go someday, but for now, staying home is the game plan. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Environment is so important. Especially if you are always in it! xoxoxox

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