2014 – 52 Week Challenge


I’m back!  Thanks to a swift kick in the butt from a reader (who did it as nicely as possible), I am back on track with this years challenge. Its a start!


I sat down today, paid some bills, caught up on some paper work and was able to transfer $153.00 into my kids savings account.

I still have this piece of paper to help me keep track though.  It will actually be easier for me to transfer once a month into her account.  It was kind of a PITA to get cash to put in the envelopes every week, seriously.


So I am back.  I am on track.

I have not given up on the 2013 challenge.  Call me stubborn.  But I know that I can get caught back up with that if there are no unexpected expenses, I watch my Ps & Qs  AND because I think I need to realize that I cannot afford to send my girl to golf tournaments EVERY month.  I may have to do it every other month sometimes.  That will help me out if I do.

If her dad steps up then it would be so great for her.

So there it is, I have an emergency/car fund going again.

Doesn’t it come in handy though?  Last year I used it so many times!  You gotta pay it back though.  That is where I screwed up!  😉

How are you doing  with yours?




2 thoughts on “2014 – 52 Week Challenge

  1. Well done with your savings challenge, and for your emergency fund. I know I’m playing with fire because I don’t have one myself. I’ve been paying my debt without one, which is risky, I know.

    • Hi Debt Busting! I love your site, you are so Chic! I appreciate your comments and I know how it feels to have no savings. I know a lot of debt bloggers are so good about it. Its the hardest part for me. I’m cutting into my other areas, groceries, etc. to make it work. We are not starving though! Ha ha Today I am selling some stuff online before we have our Garage sale to see if I can get more from them. More on that later!

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