Craigs List Craze


This morning I woke up and I thought… wait… I have things just sitting on my patio and in boxes waiting for the Garage Sale, why don’t I post them (for free) online and see if I can sell them this weekend?

So I got busy taking pics and posting and here’s what I am selling!

My daughters DS and two games which she hasn’t used in a couple of years!   60.00


The DS comes with lots of stuff, including this carry case:


I would say she has outgrown that.

A desk and lamp we took out of her room.  60.00 for the desk, 20.00 for the lamp.


A VERY pink Chair!


I love this lamp!  I wish I had a space for it.


Some old iPhone cases that we got off Amazon.  20.00 for all 6.


Isn’t the Hello Kitty and Winnie the Poo adorbs?

And I already have a bite!!!



I have more to sell as well.  She has an old Razor scooter, a keyboard and more!

So cross your fingers because this is all going back into savings for Emergency/Car, which ever comes first!

(We all know how flaky Craigslist can be, but still, here’s hoping!)

Have a great day!




8 thoughts on “Craigs List Craze

    • Have you sold anything ?? My first bite fell through! ;-( I tried to leave you a comment on your site but my ipad really messes that up. I do read on that mostly, just so you know!\

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