BBQ – It’s What’s for Dinner

A few weeks ago I picked up this bad boy and put it in the freezer.


How could I pass up that deal?  REALLY!


I defrosted it and yesterday after work I put it in the crock pot, on HIGH.

Just cut it in half and stuck it in.  That’s it.  I didn’t even add water. 

But I did salt and pepper. 


I let that go for about 4 hours.

I got the other ingredients ready.  BBQ sauce and buns.  How hard is that?


Nope, not quite done…

Now its done.  So I pulled it apart with a couple of forks and my fingers!  😉


I added a bunch of BBQ sauce to it.


And there you go!


That’s dinner!  Dinner for tonight.

I covered it and put it in the fridge and tonight, dinner is done!

I love doing that.  Its nice to come home and just heat something up. 

Tonight is bored Board meeting night.

So there you have it. 

A simple, CHEAP 3 ingredient meal.

Oh, by the way… Albertson has BBQ sauce on sale.  Buy 4 for .49 cents a piece.

Those won’t go to waste at our house!

How bout you, what’s  your fave fast and easy weeknight dinner?



2 thoughts on “BBQ – It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Oh, yum! Now, that’s what I call an easy dinner… I’m tempted. Though first I have to find a lid for my parents’ 3 crockpots they’ve never used, but lost the lids to! My dad loves pork, so I wonder how he’d like BBQ pulled pork sandwiches…

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