Great New Blogs!


Today is take take yourself to work day!  Wait, no… it’s take your kids to work day!  (I actually typed that at first and didn’t realize what I had typed.  Take yourself to work day!  Isn’t that everyday?)

My kid is a little old for it and she didn’t join in, but I decided to take the opportunity and dress up.  I never wear a skirt!

I started out the day with these cute shoes which I have only worn one time.  I bought them for my trip to Oregon last November and wore them at Thanksgiving.

Cute huh?


I love them:


Not very comfy.

I soon ended up in these.


Before noon even!


Hahahahah…. I actually like the flat ones better.  But they squeak when I walk.  What is that?

Shoes that need to be oiled!

Oh well, back to regular jeans and my Payless corks tomorrow!


I want to share some new blogs with you.  I’ve had a few new readers drop some comments (thank you!) and I  always go check out their blogs as well.  If I like them, (and I usually do) they end up in my blog roll!

So here they are!  Check them out!  I’m sure you will enjoy them as well.


This one is near and dear as this blogger just started her Chapter 13 Journey as well!  She has 59 payments to go!  I have 42!  Ugh!


I love this website because it’s full of interesting AND useful financial info!  Check it out~!  This is a new blog as well!!  Get in on the ground floor!


This website is based out of the UK and she is Gorgeous!  I think she has lots of helpful info and shares her personal financial goals with us all!  Drop by and show some love!


I hope you enjoy your day and remember, Friday is almost here!





10 thoughts on “Great New Blogs!

  1. Hahaa funny about the shoes. At least you thought to bring back ups! Why are the cute shoes always NOT comfy? Thanks for the heads up on the new blogs, I will check them out now!

    • Today I could only handle those heels for a couple of hours. Wedges are so much easier. Clunky but comfy! There are some girls at work that wear the cutest shoes. I just don’t see how they do it. Of course, I use to be able to do it better! lol xoxoxoox

  2. I always wear flats, but when trying new work shoes, I always bring extras. My feet are so small (5.5~6.5) it seems they get irritated and swollen easily around new shoes. Takes me a week or 2, unless I get the good kind of shoes, and those take a few days… I should hide an extra pair at work, especially in the fall. We get flooded downtown where I work, and I’ve lost quite a few pairs of shoes to the torrential rains. I’ll check out those blogs you shared. Thanks!

    • Hi Tanner, yes, check them out. A good pair extra shoes is a good thing to keep at work. I have tennis, hiking boots and flip flops under my desk. 😉 I am prepared and I was never even a Girl Scout! 😉 xoxoxoxox

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