Mini Chic Roses!

Last Friday, I went to Vons because I saw this!


I just could not pass these up!  Five Bucks! 


Especially after I saw how big and beautiful they are.

Every single time I go to the store, I look at the flowers.  I rarely buy any.  I have been looking for Peonies, but they are wicked expensive.


These made a lovely bouquet on my table for me to look at and enjoy all weekend!

And… I actually brought a couple to work with me today!


Just two!  but they are so pretty, just for me!  How Chic! 😉

They are not quite white, not quite yellow, just a lovely soft color.

Now would somebody please tell this silly bird that it’s not a  Humming bird!


Oh that’s okay, just don’t drink it all big guy!



5 thoughts on “Mini Chic Roses!

  1. Pretty flowers. I love to feed the hummingbirds. They’ve just been making their way back to Missouri. I periodically see other birds at the hummer feeders. I had an Oriole at one yesterday, but they are so beautiful.

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