Garage Sale Success

Hello!   Hope your weekend is going great!

Our little community garage sale really brought in the buyers.


I turned that junk into about 75.00!  I didn’t expect to do so well, but my kids clothes really bring in the bucks.  Every year it seems like the little girls around here flock over here and scoop up her things.  One little girl came and bought her things and then a few minutes later she rode her bike buy WEARING a shirt and I spied a Hello Kitty iPhone case she bought sticking out of her back pocket!

I didn’t have much time to go thru my closet!


It looks like it is packed to the rim.


But it is just not well organized.

I moved all the jewelry from my dresser in the closet.  I love the open  space and have no plans to put anything else on here for awhile!


I love my accessories all in one place, in the closet.  Oh this is gonna be fun!


My closet really needs to be purged.  I know.   Why didn’t I just do it for the garage sale?  I just couldn’t get into it.  BUT, there is another sale coming up on the 19th and I’m hoping to tackle it by then.

I don’t spend a lot on clothes and accessories.  Lots of my junk is just that… junk.  I get it from thrift stores and sale racks.  I probably make a profit when I sell it too!

Speaking of profit.  We made some money this weekend… so what did we do?… We spent it.  LOL.

I put 50.00 extra into the car/emergency fund last week and because I need balance in my life,  we went and bought a few things this week.

First off, we bought these nails{


Ha Ha, fooled you didn’t I?  They are NOT really acrylics!  They are the press on kind you get at CVS.  My kid is a master at putting them on.  So we both bought some for about 12.00!

Then we went to Old Navy because I really need (sarcasm here) some new accessories!  Actually, I don’t own a pair of dangly earrings.  I am a stud or small earring kind of gal. Usually.  But I scooped up a few and now I am all set.


Sale!  I wore the black ones all yesterday sitting in my house.  Glam!  LOL

My daughter bought a pair of jeans, sandals and two tops.  That’s how I spent my day yesterday.

Today I will be cooking Quinoa with Mushroom and Leeks from a Weightwatcher recipe.  I plan to post that as well as how I make chicken so that is so Weightwatcher friendly ( that I buy for .88 cents a pound! )

So this week look for some food posts and hopefully some closet reorg pics as well.

Are you a stud earring gal or a dangly.  I just love costume jewelry. It really makes dressing fun!

See you soon!




2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Success

  1. What a spacious closet! I want one like that. Jealous… Well done for making that much you’ve done well. And how cute that little girl loved that stuff so much, she just couldn’t wait to use it.

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