Weight Watcher – Quinoa with Leeks and Mushrooms


I hope you had a bang up weekend.  I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like I hope you had a great time!

I didn’t do much yesterday.  I walked, cooked and relaxed.

My daughter golfed with her dad and about the time they were supposed to be done, I get a call from her, and she was in TEARS!

I though Oh MY GAWD she broke a leg or a club or something…. but nope, she was crying happy tears!

She got an 82!!!  She was so happy, she has been trying to break out of the 90s for quite a while and an 82 is a GREAT score. 

It really boosted her confidence.


While she was out there playing a wonderful round of golf, I made this!


It turned out really good.  Kind of woodsy and will be wonderful side with beef.

I got all the ingredients together. 

I used tri-color quinoa that I had on hand, and bought different mushrooms cause they were on sale, but pshaw, mushrooms are mushrooms!

I only used one can of soup, not two.


Here is quick pic of ingredients for you:


Then I followed the simple directions:


Here is a link for full directions:

It’s kind of a lot of work for a lazy cook like me!


PS and BTW, how the heck do you rinse quinoa without it getting all over the place?   GROSS!  Too much work!

But it was worth it.


3 points per one cup serving.

I have a girlfriend coming over for dinner tomorrow night and I think with a small piece of steak, this will be a nice filling meal.

The best part is all I have to do now is nuke it,  grill the steaks and open a bottle of wine. 


Have a great day!




One thought on “Weight Watcher – Quinoa with Leeks and Mushrooms

  1. That looks super yummy. If I didn’t have leftover Napoleonic lentil tomato stew in the fridge, I would make that tonight.

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