It’s My Birthday!


No plans!  Nothing going on.  No “to me, from me” gifts.  Promise!  Thought about many things I could do that with, but NOPE!  Nada!

Just another ordinary day that brings me one year closer to retirement!

Putting this Chapter 13 behind me with the successful lien strip is part of my retirement planning!

How bout you, are you planning for retirement?



9 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy the day. I’m a later starter to the retirement planning, but I am working on it. I didn’t get started until about 8 years ago. When hubby was working I was putting $250 a month (plus a 50% matching from company) in my 401k, but then had to stop for a few years when he stopped working. I recently started putting $150 a month back into it. My company also gives us a 3.4% of our annual salary in profit sharing that goes into my 401k, so right now I have $5250 a year being added to my 401k. Still not enough, so the other part of my plan is I’ll be working until I’m 80! Currently my 401k is only at $34k (I’m 50 yrs old) but I should be able to really increase the contributions in a couple of years when I am not supporting our DD anymore. And one can hope that at least some of the social security I have contributed to the last 30 years will be returned to me!

  2. Happy birthday. I tend to dread my birthdays but I’m hoping that changes. As for retirement I think of it everyday. My husband has a good pension plan but several years to go before he can think about. I have nothing and only work pt. we have to pay off some huge debts first. I wish I didn’t worry so much about money and retirement and, sigh, getting old.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! I will teach for 5 more years and then should have a comfortable pension. 14.5% of my pay automatically goes into the pension. I’m going to spend this summer learning about Vanguard ETF’s to do some investing. ENJOY YOUR DAY, Debt Girl.

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