Pinterest PIcs – If I Had The Money

Okay, if I had money this is what I would have bought myself for my birthday yesterday IF I had the money!

First of all, I would have gotten one of these babies!


Instead I asked my kid to brush my hair and paint my toenails. 

My BFF from Portland sent me a really pretty blue nail polish.  Can’t wait to show you.

I would probably get some of these, not just for me, but for my daughter too!


Have you seen the weird shape out there, check this out.  Me no likey!


Yuck!  Sorry! 

I probably would have gone on a lovely little weekend trip along the coast to Napa!  This is driving distance and I am GOING asap!


That would have really been something.  If I had the money!

Maybe I would have bought a new outfit or two!


You know the drill!


I would have taken my kid golfing!


Some place REALLY swank! 

If I had the money!

We could have had a nice, long and drawn out dinner:


Where it looks like you are in France or Italy!

Oh what the heck, we could have gone on a quick jaunt to Paris.


If I had the money.


But I don’t have the money and that is okay.

Because for my birthday last night I had a pizza delivered, I drank some red wine that a friend gave me and I enjoyed myself at home. 

My daughter and I watched a movie and I was in bed by 10:00 and I wouldn’t have had it any.other.way!


Thank you for all the best birthday wishes!




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