Topanga Fiddle Fest – 2014


Hello!  How are you?  I hope you had a great weekend.

I went to the Fiddle Fest and Contest today.  Click on the image for more info~!


This is an annual event in the Santa Monica mountains and I’ve been wanting to go for years.

Its actually held at the Paramount Ranch. Lots of cowboy movies are filmed there.  Its a cute little country western town surrounded by miles of hiking trails.  So pretty.


They offer quite the line up for the cost of $20.00.  A person could spend the whole day, but we only stayed a couple of hours.


By the time we got there, they opened up a second parking lot.  (The Amgen Bike Tour was today and it was crazy traffic from my house to here!)  The race will make national news tonight I am sure.  Its like the Tour de France.


Anyway, back to the Festival.  Lots of of old time music and lots of little groups of people just jamming with their instruments.  Everyone just shows up and jams!  Wish I had a tambourine, to play.  Ha!


Little groups of music all over!


So fun.  Its hard to figure out where to stand and listen.  One Russian musician sang “Those were the days my friends” and we all sang along. Corny but fun.  I haven’t heard that song in years.  La la la la~!


There were all kinds of booths, pottery:


Clothes, beads and jewelry:


And many other items including these interesting bags:


These are made from cowboy boots!  Sometimes I forget that I live in the Wild West until I see things and visit places like this!


So cute.  The best part is this is open all the time if they are not filming here.  I hope to come back and do some hiking.  Its very close, like 20 minutes from home.


Next time we will bring chairs and sit out there and watch the main stage.


It was warm today, about 84.  They sold some really cute parasols and my BFF bought one, but I just borrowed her umbrella.  I swear, I am an umbrella in the sun kind of gal!

So that was fun and then I came home to relax and get ready for the work week.

Hope you’all  had a great day Partner and I will see you soon.

Gonna mosey off to finish my day!




One thought on “Topanga Fiddle Fest – 2014

  1. I’m up north in a Sacramento suburb, and Amgen was zipping through our neighborhood on Monday. Crazy day, I am so glad I was at work and missed the mayhem. Looks like you have a really fun day.

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