May Is Moving!!!


Don’t I usually complain how slow things are going?  How it seems like forever until I will be discharged from the BK?

I have to say that I HATE wishing my life away and I will be so much older than I am now when it comes to SUCCESSFUL completion. 

My kid will be a Senior!  Hell, I will be a Senior!  😉

However, this month has flown so far.  This week especially.

I am enrolled in an online training class at work and I have just one word to say about it.


First of all, I been having to get up at 4:30 to be to work by 6:00 because the class is held on East Coast Time!

That has just about killed me.  Then… none of the virtual machine labs work!  I mean really Mcafee?

I used a nice private room with a nice window…


That was nice, so one nice thing.

But I have to say that watching demos and not being able to do the labs really does ruin your learning experience.


There is lots of good info, but still.


Just sitting there all day long and not having any hands on, plus being exhausted because of the ridiculous hours has just about sent me over the roof.

Oh but wait,  there is more.

This morning when I woke up, there was not a light to be seen!


We had a blackout this morning.  So I got to get ready by candle light. 

Then after I showered and was almost ready to leave, I realized that my car is in a garage that has an ELECTRIC door on it. 

No door, no car!  No way.

My friend came and took my kid to school and me to work.

I can’t begin to tell you how this week has been.  Its been a technical nightmare and the sleep deprivation alone has me feeling like a pathetic old lady.

I talked my boss into letting me finish the class from home tomorrow AND it is a 3 day weekend. 

Those two things make me feel much better.  I see a light at the end of this tunnel.

How are you doing this week.  Is May flying for you as well?




6 thoughts on “May Is Moving!!!

  1. Ouch! Rough day! Hopefully the weekend will be great ! Sunny and 80 in Minnesota for the weekend! I shopped smart and bought new sunglasses for a $1 at the Dollar Store!

  2. It’s flying because you’re so busy 🙂 Being productive is awesome, especially since you’re learning new things. Just make sure to take regular breaks. May seems to be another regular month for me so far. But I think as we get older time appears to speed up lol.

  3. Does your garage door have a manual release? My parents’ did, it was a pain to lift but it let them get out when there was no power.

    May has absolutely been flying, all because I’ve been busy too. But the end is in sight! Unfortunately, a three-day weekend for me means three days to work on the house but I will be going to a family bbq on Monday.

    • HI K, I don’t have another door into my garage.. there is a master release with a key on the front of the garage, but I don’t have a key. Its on my list. xoxoxoxo

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