It’s a Wrap!


Hope you had a great and LONG Memorial Day weekend.

It was my daughters 15th birthday yesterday and I wanted to make it as special as I could from the get go!

Sunday night, after she was fast asleep, I gathered all the tools to surprise her first thing in the morning! 

This doesn’t take much and is so much fun to do!

All you need is a closed door and a sleeping kid!


Then get your tape and scissors:


I only had duct tape available; painters tape would be better.

Lots of wrapping paper, cut to the right size.


And tape away.  Carefully and as quietly as possible.


Its not easy, its very noisy.


But once its done, you can go to bed and go to sleep. 

In the morning when the birthday girl opened her door, this is what she saw!  And I hear…. Ah Mom!


It would be best to tape the floor and all the way around but I didn’t cut them long enough, ;-( Fail.  But she got to bust out anyway!  She took this pic for me before she did!

Happy Birthday baby! 

Also a must have is her favorite pancakes, with a birthday candle to start the day off right!


Later, after I had Triple A jumpstart my car, I took her shopping. 

Then her dad came over and brought her some TaylorMade Irons!  Now she has a full set of TailorMade Golf Clubs

Just in time for her next tourney!

Have a great first day back to work everybody.




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