DMV Whoops!


You are not going to believe this. 

I got to DMV on Thursday, semi prepared  to take the written, I took a few practice tests online to prepare.  But you know what?  I didn’t need to take the test, or take a picture or pay $33.00.

You see, it appears that I did NOT forget to renew my license.  The lady informed me that I renewed it online last year!  I just forgot and then I never got a new one in the mail.

How does one forget that they renewed their drivers license online?  I have no idea, only that I am so busy with my kids schedule and life that I probably did it, crossed it off my list and moved on.

The lady at the DMV said I probably need a vaca!  Oh if she only knew.  She had quite the chuckle~

Well the joke is on me, cause I can’t afford a vaca, but I can afford a fish!


Meet Phil.  My daughter named him Phil after Phil Michelson, the golfer.

So even though I don’t foresee any vacations in my future, I can look at Phil and try to find a Zen moment.

Kind of embarrassed right now, but at least I am driving legally!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend whatever you might be doing!




3 thoughts on “DMV Whoops!

  1. At least a happy ending in that you get to keep your $33 fee. After you posted about this I check my CDL to ensure it was, indeed, not due for renewal until 2016.

  2. All’s well that ends well. I’m glad that you did need to take the test or pay for a new license. Phil brings back wonderful memories of several fish I had. One year my children gave me a fish named Fred for my birthday. He lived about 11 months, . . so the next year they gave me a fish named Freddie. . . and Freddie was followed by Winifred. . .

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