Keeping Busy – Alone

Some weekends my daughter spends time with her daddy golfing.

When she does, I am lost.  Isn’t that sad?  Sometimes I sit at home and binge watch series on my iPad.  The latest was Girls. If you haven’t watched it yet, its very funny.  Its written for the 20 something’s, but I’m young at heart. 

Now I have to find something else to watch.  I’m thinking Dexter.  Do you have any suggestions?  Do tell.

However, this weekend I made myself do a few different things… alone.

First up, I tried to strip these little tables.  Remember I told you about my “stripper” project?


I tried to do a piece at a time, but see these legs:


First, I’m not a fan of the style and secondly, I just can’t figure out how to get the stripper off without making a huge mess.  So this project is sitting on the back burner.

Last night I decided to take myself to a driving range in the area that has auto ball return:


The views at this range are the best!


I spotted this old 1955 Chevy in the parking lot. 


That was worth seeing.  I haven’t seen one in years.

But this little number is why I wanted to check this range out.


You dump the balls in and then it sets up the Tee for you.  No bending down.  Okay, I know, lazy me, but its so trick!

So I hit a few buckets and realized I love to hit golf balls and I need to do it more often.

Then this morning I got up and decided not to take my lake walk.  I decided to get out my bike!!


Isn’t it cute?  Of course the tires were flat, so I got some arm work in as well.


Then me and my bike hit the road and I found myself at the lake.


Ahhh… nice!


That’s me under the hat!  If you didn’t guess that already.  Ha Ha. It was a nice way to wake up.


Then I headed home and have been here all day.  I cleaned up the patio and put away all the stripper stuff.  I don’t quite know what to do with the tables.  Now I’m just getting ready for the week ahead.

I’ve been single for a long time and I don’t date, but I’m thinking now that my kid is getting older, and so am I, it might be a good time to start~  Very scary!  I don’t want to regret not meeting anyone later.  But yikes, so freaking scary!

What do you think, date or no date?

Have a great rest your day!




7 thoughts on “Keeping Busy – Alone

  1. Funny you should ask … one of my recently single friends says the term “date” is so weighted with expectations it’s absolutely terrifying. So she has taken very baby steps and accepted social “meetings” with some nice, single men she has met. Nothing has progressed past a couple of coffees and a couple of dinners, but she is having fun and not putting pressure on herself or allowing it from anywhere else.

  2. I’m a tv binge junky. I definitely recommend Dexter, as well as: Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Mad Men. Love all of those.

    If you’re up to dating, go for it. 🙂 My Aunt is in her 50’s (widow) and just recently started dating. She, like the commentor above, said there are too many expectations these days. Just keep it simple and casual and enjoy some coffee.

    Oh and your furniture legs…I like to restore mid century style furniture as a hobby, and those pieces often have the most annoying tiny grooves when it comes to stripping the paint/stain off. I use a soft wire brush for those areas and it works like a charm! Then I gently sand with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth it out if need be.

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