Just Pins!


Happy Friday!  Its been a crazy day at work, but its almost over and I decided to do a quick post.

A Pinterest post at that!  

Who doesn’t love scrolling thru pins and ooing and ah-ing! 

I know I do!

(Remember to click on the image to be taken to the source if available!)

Lets start with this awesome picnic!  Tis the season!


That is done right!  Imagine that setting under the trees, on a warm summer day!  Nice

This is a great idea!  I have a birdcage much like this!


This is so feminine.  I think I missed my op to have a room like this. 


OMG… Yum!


Another room I will always covet and never have!


I am feeling very non-material these days.  I’m not into buying “things” or having stuff.  These bright and sparse rooms do speak to me!  I need want new furniture, so maybe when I can afford it (never) I will get something a little lighter.  My stuff is darker. 


This is the truth!


But I’m still a chicken  Bac Bac!

OMGosh, this is so pretty!  How fun. 


Lordy Lordy Lordy!


I cannot wait to have a glass of Pinot tonight!  Some Fridays call for it!

Okay, these are a 3 Point Value!  Really???


I love zesty lemon anything.  Its almost time for my friends trees to give lots and lots!

Book cases for shoes and clothes.  Brilliant!


My closet is still a disaster.  (shaking head!)

I’m going to leave you today with this:


New York City!  Oh how I wish!  Swoon!

Have a great evening and I will  *see* you soon!




5 thoughts on “Just Pins!

  1. DebtGirl, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Also, awhile back you had some information on your blog about a park in Portland. DH and I go every September and when you posted that I said “we have to go there next time!” Only now I cannot find it on your blog. 😦 Do you happen remember what the name of it was, or could you link me up with your post? Thank you!

    • Hi Janelle, love your blog!!! You can find it on the Pinterest Pics page – link to 2/2/14 – Hiking. I am going to try to visit soon! Have a wonderful time with DH! Xoxo

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