20 of 60

I’m one third the way done!  In 4 months I’ll be at the two year mark, but who’s counting?

ME!  That’s who.  Every.single.day!


My chain of payments is getting longer.  Time to start another row and when I end that row I will be half way! That will be a milestone. 

Has this been easy?  Hell no. 

I have absolutely no cushion/security.  I think that is the hardest part. 

I can’t seem to save much at all. Every time I turn around, my kid (and this is okay) needs something.  For instance, in August I will need to come up with $300.00 to register for school and books, maybe even more than that.  Then…. Christmas is only a few months away after that.  In the mean time, there are clothes and golf things and well…. life. 

My car is getting up there in miles too and will turn the 80K mark soon.  Then there is the condo, and who can guess what can go wrong there.  (I try not to think about it.)

I’m sure a trip to Oregon is going to have to take place at some point as well.  Where is that money going to come from?

I  try to keep up with the 52 Week Challenge but as far as catching up last years?  Not gonna happen.  It freaks me out how hard it is to save.

Some time this week I need to do the Financial Journal I posted about a few days ago.  I know I could get really crazy and stop the cable, get different phone service, live on Top Ramen, etc.  I could also not ever do anything fun, even though when I do anything, its cheap!  Oh and I am very good about groceries.  I don’t spend much on that, it’s the only place I can cut back the fastest.  I also know I can do better.  I just have to look at the numbers.

If I have to get crazy, I will.  If IT hits the fan, I can always do that.  In the meantime, I am trying to get thru this BK while having a life that has a little fun once in awhile and feels semi-normal for me and my girl.

Are we DYING to go on a mini vaca?  Yup, do we need some new things around the condo?  Yup.  Are we making do with what we have? Absolutely.  For instance, my laptop completely died and we are using one.  I am going to milk it as long as I can and that means reformatting one of them and making it keep working even longer!

All in all, if nothing side swipes me,  we are making it.  My kid doesn’t feel the pinch too badly, but I do find myself saying “Sorry, I can’t afford that right now”.. a lot.  I don’t want her to feel poor but I want her to live in reality.

The reality is that her mom is doing the best she can with a financial decision she made to get us back on track financially.

Here is a quote that I read every day.

“Those who fail focus on what they will have to go through;
Those who succeed focus on what it will feel like at the other end.”

October2017 is going to feel the best – to have some equity in my home, to be debt free, except for my student loans and to be that much closer to retirement!

I can’t wait for that Discharge Party and how that will feel!

Hope all is going well in our little corner of the world!




5 thoughts on “20 of 60

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been following you since just about the beginning – you should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Congratulations!! I think I found your blog (via a post on Pioneer Woman) at payment #4.

    The cutting back part is tough. I find that if I cut back my spending too much, I feel really deprived and then overspend when I earn more money.

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