Visitors on the Patio


How I know summer has arrived in So. Cal!


I was watering these plants and the last few times a bird came flying out!  I thought, I bet that little bird is nesting in my plants!

I didn’t know exactly where it came from until I poked around!


Ahhhhh… there you are!


Needless to say, this plant is going to have to get moved a little back from the door and I don’t plan on watering for quite some time!





3 thoughts on “Visitors on the Patio

  1. Smart momma bird picked a great location. I once had a finch have a nest in one of my hanging basket. I love birds.

  2. Wow, I never would have thought that a bird would lay eggs in a flower pot. I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures after the eggs hatch.

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