Touching Base


I want to touch base and let you know what’s up. 

I golfed 9 holes on Friday and it was so much fun. 

My daughter golfed with her dad today.  We bought him beer, a Golf book (used) and some lint brushes for Fathers Day.  We have two cats and he needs them.  They had a great time and he loved his gifts.

Today I met someone for a drink from Plenty of Fish. DUD!  More on that later.  This is discouraging! 

The big news is tomorrow is the start of a two day tourney for my daughter.  She has moved up to Champ girls.  Its a very challenging course and top that off with the fact that she is trying to qualify for the National Drive Chip and Putt contest and that is tomorrow right after the tourney!

I am taking the two days off to be with her. 

Wish us luck!




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