Feeling Better…

Today I got my but up on the trail on both break times.  I’ve been eating very well and tonight’s dinner is salmon and a green veggies. 

Back on track, at least for today and just those two things alone make me feel like a new woman.

On top of that… the bank put back in my funds today, but its listed as a “provisional credit” and I now need to fill out a affidavit.  I gotta tell ya, I’m so afraid now of being hacked.

I have to rethink how I use my debit card.  I’m taking money out of the bank and trying to use cash.  I also have that credit card that I plan on using and then paying off.  I can’t use too much of it, but at least I’m not jeopardizing my liquid checking account cash.  I’m so afraid now.  It could have been so much worse!

You have noticed that I’ve been completely depressed lately. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me!   Seems like money is really scarce and I know what to blame it on.  My kids golf.  But what can I do.  We already miss some tourneys… but she needs the clinics and now a few extra lessons as well.  I just have to tighten up everywhere else.

What makes me so sad is this fact.  Golf is an elitist sport and now I know why.  It costs a fortune. There is one little girl that is going to Stanford Golf Camp over the summer!  Another one is getting to play in almost every single tourney in So. Cal over the summer and these kids are just getting better and better!  We just don’ t have the resources. Its crazy around here, where does all that money come from?  I sure don’t have a money tree.  Oh wait, I did buy one, but for some reason, the bills haven’t bloomed!

My looks like this.


See?  No bills on this one either.  Winking smile

Golf is financially killing me.  But it’s the best thing I can do for my kid.  I think we need to keep at it until she is through high school.  By that time the BK will be done.  I can only hope that there are no major expenses.  There is just no wiggle room!

I hope you guys have a wonderful evening!




4 thoughts on “Feeling Better…

  1. My son was in a golf camp for a week one summer …. I was glad he didn’t like because YES it’s one of the most expensive sports! Although, both my kids are in baseball — just through the rec dept so not expensive BUT if they want real experience & want to play “for real” we have to spring for Select League Now THAT is $$$$$. Um …. no. LOL Mother of the Year, right here 🙂

  2. I use a credit card for most purchases, partly for the cash back rewards and partly for security. If the number is stolen and used then my money is still safe and I’m not actually out anything while the credit card company processes the claim. I’ve also heard that it’s easier to file claims for credit than for checking accounts. Of course, this only works if you still keep your spending in check, I find it helps to pay the credit card immediately through my banks online bill pay. If I can’t pay it immediately then I know I can’t make the purchase.

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