Boots & Books


I have to tell  you that I am feeling better.  I don’t have two nickels to rub together, but I am feeling a bit better.

I’m going golfing again tomorrow, I think its gonna cost no more than $20.00 for 18 holes.  Hey, a girl has got to have something to look forward to and that is it for me.  Oh and there is a house concert planned and that would be another $20.00.  Hmmmmm…. I might have to cancel that but I don’t really want to.  I want to go and have a life such as it is.  Nickels or no nickels!

I got paid yesterday and paid my CC today and already had to put close to $300.00 on it for my kids golf in July.  There is nothing much left my checking and I have $40.00 cash.  OM to the G!  Wish me luck!

At least I have enough groceries and some gas for a bit!

Today I got on my boots and hit the trails again.  I’m back to walking twice a day and it is even helping me sleep better.


I know how lucky I am to have this trail close by:


Here is a view thru the old, craggy oak tree.


So pretty up here – over those mountains is Malibu!


Great Views.


And hot trails!  And rattlesnakes, of which I did not see. Thankfully!


After my hike today I came back in the office to do a little light reading.


I’m actually preparing to take this class online next month.  I’m trying to move into the Security Administrator position that we will have and I need to be prepared.

Who was it that said …”Success is when opportunity and preparedness meet”.  Or something like that.  I agree.  But for me its always been hard to be at that exact intersection!

I also read this report that comes out quarterly.


Lots of good info in there about the latest threats and trends.  Interesting.  Looks like rootkits are on the rise again.  Great!

I hope this post finds you feeling great and looking forward to something to do this weekend and enough cash to do it with!  Winking smile



3 thoughts on “Boots & Books

  1. I’ve taken that test, if you’re already familiar with computers and basic security you should have no problem. Hopefully a job change = income change and doesn’t take too long to happen! And if your employer doesn’t get their act together you can always update your resume and see who’s hiring.

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