Finally, A Chandelier

Okay, its ugly now!  But…




Someone actually painted it PINK!


$85.00 Bucks!  The lady that had it in her garage has had it for awhile.  I saw it at the last garage sale but I wasn’t gonna buy it for what she wanted to sell it for! 


So I made an offer!  She had it for sale again last weekend. 


The glass is perfect.  I see potential here.

And it can be painted white and cleaned up.  I can swap out the shades to white as well.

Guess what this cost!?!  Wait for it….


I could not pass it up. I can make 100.00 bucks off this if I decide to Craig’s list it!

I think I will!  I need the money more than I need the light!  Although, I have been wanting one of these for ages!

What do you think?  Sell?  Keep?

Definitely paint it.

All else is going okay.  I got my kids July golf paid for, (most of it anyway).  Just trying to figure out how I will sustain the costs.  Who knows, maybe a Craig’s list gig might help!




5 thoughts on “Finally, A Chandelier

  1. Keep it for a week or two and then decide if you have a place for it or if it is just going to sit around. Win/win, either you’ll fix it up and use it or list it. It’s 10 bucks of fun.

  2. Awesome deal! Paint it and SELL it!! I just loaded up on a bunch of free items from a friend who is moving. I can’t wait to fix them all up and post them for sale.

  3. I second the “definitely paint it”. Pink… yikes. I’d try for white or black, for sure. $10 is a fantastic price tag! Not sure who would’ve paid $85 for it… Can’t wait to see what you turn it into.

  4. I’m torn on whether you should keep it or sell it! I love chandeliers but if you can make some money off of it then do it! I just lost my job so now I’m looking to sell lots of stuff on Craig’s List.

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