My Last Big Push…

Hello!  Are you ready for the 3 day weekend?  I sure am!  The golf course near our house is doing fireworks this year for the first time and I’m going to walk over and see them. 

Before I tell you about My Last Big Push, I have to tell you about my morning! 


I flushed the toilet this morning and I thought… hmmmm… that doesn’t sound good.  Shrug.  I went back into the room a few minutes later and the water in the toilet was still running.  Being a curious person and a someone who is scared to death of plumbing issues, I took the lid off and looked in the tank.  There was hardly any water. Not good.  I flushed again and no water filled the tank.   I got a bucket and filled up the tank and flushed, it worked, but no water returned to the tank after I flushed again.  Cha Ching is all I could think about.  I started adding up any cash on hand I might be able to squeeze out and it was not pretty.

Then on my way to work I got something in my eye!  Not just a small something but something that felt really sharp!  I mean, it hurt!  I was tearing , driving and then I started laughing hysterically and practically crying while my poor daughter looked at me like I was a crazy woman!    By the time I got to work, I had half my face on and lost half my mind!  Have you ever?

Back to the toilet issue:  Luckily for me, I work with lots of plumber types and my buddy from work who replaced my garbage disposal not long will be by later to help me fix it.  Fingers crossed its nothing major!


Now for My Last Big Push.

As most of you probably know, I’m in IT. I have been since about 1995.  Mostly I’ve been desktop support but I’ve been doing lots of network administration.  So… for the last 5 years or so… as long as its been since I’ve gotten a raise, I’ve been working on changing my job title using various methods.  I tried a job reclass, a master plan reclass and now we are facing an IT Audit that will use part of the master plan that includes a  job change to Security Network Administrator. 

I’m not holding out any false hope. But… I’m working hard to make something happen.

I’m studying this book:


It cost me a whole dollar at the Friends of the Library!

I’m taking a few security classes including this one for a 4th generation firewall we are purchasing in a few weeks. 


This class will be held on Monday next week thru Wednesday.  I’m a little nervous.  New concepts, etc. 

Then on the 14th thru the 21st (don’t ask why so long) I’m taking another class. 



The company has actually just doled out about $5000.00 for these classes, so there has to be something to it right?

My mindset has changed anyway.  This is my plan whether I get the reclass here or not.

This is my last big push to change not only my job title, but my careerSecurity is HUGE right now.  HUGE. 

My plan is to learn as much as I can here and maybe even get some certs.  By the time my BK is over, I can then take that education and experience and go back to the private sector and work the rest of my career.  Even if I do get the gig here, I can retire from here and work part time someplace  in Security.  

Its a great field and there are a shortage of people in it; its only going to get worse.

This means that I have to study and read as much as I can, I have to watch webcasts and read articles.  I have to completely plug into this field and I know that is not going to be easy.  But this is the last big push for me to try to get the best possible income I can before my working years are over.

So that is my plan.  Wish me luck!

See you soon!  Happy 4th of July if I don’t see you sooner!




5 thoughts on “My Last Big Push…

  1. Is there a reason you have to wait until your BK is done before changing jobs? Not getting a raise in the past 5 years is almost criminal, I can understand the first 2-3 years of that when the economy was down but it’s been going back up for a while now. is a great resource for tech jobs if you want to see who’s hiring for what in your area.

    I’m a programmer but security was my second choice, in fact I my degree is in IT with a security emphasis.

  2. Hi K, it is so criminal! I think I need a bit more security qualifications in order to find another job and my trustee will take any more income that I make anyway over 10%. I like my job but it has sucked the life put of me lately, so these classes are exciting!!!! Xoxo

  3. I’m sure the toilet issue is an easy fix. I have even googled toilet repairs and done them myself and I am NOT handy by any means. Usually just the inside parts need replacing and they are cheap. My last problem was just the little ball valve (or whatever it was called) had worn out and I just had to buy that and snap in on. Easy peasy.

  4. Good luck with your classes and certifications! It’s awesome (and inspirational) that you’re working so hard and are so eager to learn new things.

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