Ma and Pa Kettle


Hi there ya’ll, hope you and yer kin had a festive fourth!

All kidding aside, I do hope you had a wonderful night of fireworks and celebration.

The show here in town was awesome and right down the street. I don’t know if I would be able to see it from my patio because I walked to it instead.  Really great show.  I hope they plan to make it an annual event.

It has been so hot, I mean really warm in the condo.  We are an upstairs unit and I feel like we could just suffocate, there is not a stitch of air movement and the air conditioner is so old, like since the place was built in 1972!  I don’t know if its ever been serviced.

So….I came up with a couple of (what I think) are great ideas to help this place stay cool.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Ma and Pa Kettles house!  Do you remember those movies?  My mom used to laugh because they had so many kids and so did she, now I can see why she got such a kick out of their antics!  (I can also see some similarities!)  My mom just had a way to make things work!


Click on the image to learn more about these two characters!  Continue to read on to learn more about this character!

Its hot (like I said) Very Hot.  So here is what I’m doing to try to control the heat!

First I bought two fans.  Cheap, under $20.00 a piece.


Lovely right?  Yuck.

But I need one for my kids room and one that I can share between my room and the living room.  I don’t want three of these things.


Really easy to put together.  I have to tell’ya…. don’t waste your money on expensive fans, these are great~!  As far as ugly fans go that is.


As you might guess, I have a ton (make that two tons) of laundry.  I have a teen girl.  At first I thought I could wash my clothes here and take them to the laundry room so I don’t have to heat up my unit, but wet clothes are heavy and what a hassle!  So then I thought… Hmmmm, what would Ma do?  (Okay I didn’t really think that!)

I did however, think of this solution that is much like an old fashioned clothes line.


This thing is great!!!  What a great idea I had.


It even comes with a sweater drying cloth thingy.  All for $25.00!  Oh and this will come in handy at garage sales to hang clothes on right?

But for now, I just have heavy jeans and regular clothes to dry.


When I woke up this morning these clothes were done and the condo was cool!  I’m pretty happy with this Kettle move!

Today I’ll finish the rest of the clothes, which will take some time, but I think I’ll set it on the patio in the hot sun to speed things up.  Now that is a totally Ma and Pa Kettle move!  My neighbors are gonna love me!

I wish I had an air conditioner that actually works to cool the place off AND the money to leave it running all day long.  But I don’t so I had to come up with something or we are going to melt for sure this summer!

All I need now is a cow…and maybe some chickens!

Have a great rest of the day and stay cool!




12 thoughts on “Ma and Pa Kettle

  1. What I do without A/C (or to keep the electric bill down): Window fans when it’s cool at night, ideally set up so that the cool air can push the warm air out of a different window, and then close all the shades, blinds, and windows when it’s hot during the day. If it’s warmer outside than inside, you’re only heating up the place by keeping windows open.

    I’m also a fan of hanging out at the couches and chairs at the mall during the day, but our malls are all indoors.

  2. jp is right on; in many hot countries (like India), hanging wet sheets in front of windows or doors is an easy way to cool things down. I’ve used it myself often. Adding a fan will speed up the cooling (and drying!), but uses power. My Mum has a unit on the 9th floor, facing west, so it’s often over 30C in the mid-summer months. On those nights, I spray my T-shirt and yoga pants ’til quite damp, then I stay cooler and can get to sleep. I sleep on the couch in the lounge, which is the hottest room. If it’s windy, I will spray a cotton sheet, fold it in half, then sleep under that. Sometimes I get up in the night and repeat the spraying. It works very well. Hope this helps.

    I find cool baths in the early afternoon, also spraying my day clothes, helps as well. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like, though. 🙂 ~ Linne

  3. I forgot to mention; it was so cool to see Ma and Pa Kettle! I recognized them right away. When I was still living at home, we went to the drive-in most Friday nights (not too many places you can take nine kids for fun) and I remember seeing quite a few of the Ma and Pa films then. Our library has a couple of them now, and I like to re-visit my childhood every once in a while. Thanks for the photo. ~ Linne

    • Linne, I have 8 brothers and sisters too! Piling into the backseat station wagon or pickup to go to drives was a blast!!!!! Xoxo So glad you recognized them!!!!

  4. I thought JP was kidding! Thank you all for the great ideas!!!!! I put my clothes in front of the fan just now!!!! Oh and my said she would kill me if I put it on the front patio! Lol. Xoxo

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