Hope and Dream


Did you make it through the long weekend?  It was so hot here.  Thank you for all the GREAT ideas to keep cool.

I just cannot justify trying to replace (and where in the hell would I get the money anyway?) the air conditioner.  I want to be able to move in 3.5 years.  Because….

In 3.5 years the Real Estate market is going to double and I will be able to finally sell this condo after many long years and have some CASH to buy something else OR put it in savings an wait until I find something cheaper in Oregon or where ever I retire. 

That’s my hope!

I really don’t want to put a dime into this place.  It’s in a great Location and that alone is going to make it worth something!

That’s my dream!

Today I’m back in class.  I’m really enjoying it because I’m holed up in the back office, alone with a view!


Nice.  I envy the workers with a window!  Heavy sigh.

Kid is at a one day tourney today, her dad took the day off to take her.  That’s a switch! 

Anyhoo, I hope the weather is kinder where you are and that all is going well in your little corner of this cRaZy world.

Have a wonderful evening!

Do you have a window office?  Lucky if you do!




One thought on “Hope and Dream

  1. Well… I do have a “window” office, but the windows are high up and facing another building’s walls. So I only get a sliver of sky, and sometimes birds that sit on the ledges of the building. Both the managers upstairs and downstairs have 3/4 windows as one of their walls, overlooking the courthouse. It’s SO nice. But the rest of us? Ha. Feels a bit like a jail. 😀

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