One Hot Payday!

It’s HOT and looks like no end in sight!  Hotter on Sunday. 

Great!  I’d rather be at work than roasting at home!


But that does not stop me from getting out there while I’m at work to get a little exercise.


I walked the ranch today.  Yep, that’s  me under the umbrella. ella ella!  I’m such a dork  but refuse to go out without it while walking in the heat of the day.  A hat does not cover your arms!  I have my own shade – HA!


You can see they added solar panels to the ranch area.  I think it’s great.  Not pretty but harnessing the suns energy seems like a good idea.

Today is payday!

I have to say that I love payday.  Not because I have lots of extra cash (what is extra cash anyway?), but because the first payday of the month is dedicated to paying lots of bills.  Who doesn’t love that?  Right.  Just grateful to be able to pay bills!  Also it stops me from worrying if there is money in my account!  Whew!

This is the payday that I make sure I have the money ready for the monthly payment to the trustee!  And this is my 21st payment, so…

just 39 to go! 

I’m in the 30s you guys!  30s!!!  I started out at 60 Payments.  Now I can’t wait to get to 20 Payments.  I will probably feel pretty much home free.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of drama is going to happen in the next 3 years!  There hasn’t been TOO much in the first two years of this BK so it means I’m either home free or it means I’m due! 

But I don’t want to borrow trouble from tomorrow. 

“Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have”  – J. Meyer

So there you have it, another day –  another payment and trying to keep it all in perspective.

How are you doing?  Are you hot?  Are you worried about anything?  Try to remember what J. Meyer said!




5 thoughts on “One Hot Payday!

  1. It’s hot up here (Sacramento Valley) but so dry it doesn’t feel quite as bad as usual. I just gave up all vanity and purchased one of those boony hats so I can stop putting putting sunscreen on the tops of my ears, so maybe the umbrella may be next. You’re making progress on your 60 payments, and your chain must be getting quite long! Slow and steady, DebtGirl; your race will be over before you know it.

  2. I did the math and I think we are done in Jan 2015..but 36 months isn’t until May 2015. Haven’t made extra payments but if it’s correct I’ll take it….according to NDC. Have you checked yours?
    Congrats on Being in the 30’s

  3. Congratulations, DebtGirl, and keep moving forward. One day, you’ll have both of these monkeys off your back – the debt and the BK.

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