The Chain Update


I am so busy at work right now, and it is not any fun.  I can’t wait for training next week!  I can hide and let the dark clouds pass, hopefully.

In the meantime, as promised, here is an update of my chains!


I am starting a new chain.


I do rows of 10.


Then at the end of this journey, I will have 6 rows of 10 payments to tape together, dip in glitter and wear with pride at my big reveal party!

I can’t wait!  39 more payments!  39 more links in the chain!




4 thoughts on “The Chain Update

  1. You should add some glittery bling at the end of each chain, then you’ll be able to spot the milestones when you combine them all in 39 months.

    • Janelle I am gonna bring some glitter to work and do just that! Are you staying pretty cool? I will add you to my blog roll soon, i love your blog!!! I just need some blog maint to time!!’ xoxo

  2. I like Janelle’s idea, but why not also put a sentence or two on each chain about something memorable that happened in that month? You can put things like, “Daughter made the golf team” or “Went to Oregon to visit family,” and then it becomes a mini-diary and a reminder of the good parts of the time that has passed.

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