Monday Meh!

Hi all,

I realize that my posts have been a bit… Meh lately.   A couple of things are going on.

My laptops at home are so slow, so I don’t usually post from home, which makes it really hard for me to add hyperlinks, etc. to my posts, which makes them very Meh!  I post quickly from work and can’t spend too much time on my posts either!

But bare with me.  I think next weekend I’m going to reformat one of my laptops so that I can make it limp along for as long as I can. I will also create a spot at home dedicated for Blogging.  I don’t have a dedicated space for that.  I just hate to work on PCs at home. I don’t hate to blog, I hate to load OSs and apps, etc.  Too much like my real job!

Anyway…speaking of my real job…. I’m back in class for the next two weeks from 9:30 to 3:00!  That will eat up lots of the day and I get to look at this again!


I love this space.  I want to marry it. Winking smile

This weekend I spent a lot of time cleaning.  I also spent too much money at the grocery store.  I hate that!  I know it won’t be wasted, but it just feels like so much money out.

I also went to the Home Depot and spent a couple bucks on a new tub drain thingy.  The one I had was chipping.  It was only two bucks and it looks way mo betta.   I know, Big Spender right?  I do what I can on that damn place!  It’s the small things.  I was so sick of that chipped tub strainer!


I still need to paint that chandelier!  I think I am going to sell it.  It will help pay for my kids school clothes.  That is right around the corner too.  That and all the school costs!  OMG!  We cannot afford to do any tourneys in August.  Its all about school!

Can you believe how fast this summer is going for these poor kids.  When I was a kid it seemed like summer lasted For.Ever!  But then again, all I did over the summer was walk to and from the same park, the same way, with the same kids,

Have a great day all and just keep plugging along!  We will beat this thing, no matter what it is, I know we will beat this!




3 thoughts on “Monday Meh!

  1. Summers do seem a whole lot shorter! I know where I live they’ve really pushed the year round school issue. It was voted down, but the school system was sneaky with their scheduling. Now kids basically get 45 days summer, but we have fall break, Christmas break, “winter break” in Feb. and spring break, plus a whole slew of half days and random off days! Insanity. I dread having to go by the school calendar now, since my little boy starts pre-k end of this month. 😦 I can’t wait to see the painted chandelier, and I agree with selling it. Your job intrigues me, obviously computer oriented, wish I would have gone to college for this stuff back in the day!

  2. My job so sucks right now. Today I had to practically congratulate my nemisis for her promotion AND then my boss informed me that another coworker is probably getting moved into the mgmt group because the new guy thinks he should be there. I was like thank you for that info and then proceeded to have a lump the size of a grapefruit in my throat all day! Some peoples ships do come in and orhers, like me get propelled forward by the perpetual smoke that gets blown up our ass! Omg tears!

  3. Good choice to sell the chandelier!

    Personally I prefer the boring, personal posts to the Pinterest links ’cause that’s what I’m here for, to see how you’re doing.

    I still say you should update your resume and start looking to see who’s hiring. Even if you don’t find something that pays more you might find a company that’s a better fit.

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