What Would You Do?

Rant.  Fair Warning!

I’m in the middle of a Chapter 13 BK.  I’m 54 years old.

I have Chronic illness that never gets me down because I don’t let it, but it is there, so basically, uninsurable and I could not pass a job physical if they ask me questions.

I have a 15 year old daughter with lots of costly things going on to set her up for her future, golf and school mainly.  A car coming up soon as well.

I have a pretty good pension when I retire from the job I have.  I hope in 9 years! 

I piss and moan about getting passed over for promotions, etc.  But doesn’t every body?

I got a boss that sits at his desk (has done this for at least 5 years that I am aware) of and plays World of Warcraft all day long.  Even when you talk to him sometimes he has one eye on the monitor and clicks away at his mouse and keyboard!  Hilarious really.  He can’t even stop himself long enough to have a conversation. Pathetic. 

I have helped him so many times, saved his ass…those days are over.  People have asked me if he is gaming and I have said, I don’t think so.  I lied.

He is giving his “buddy” here at work a promo, yep, they play together, I’ve seen it.  I also have proof, but it wouldn’t hold up.  But I had to be sure for myself.  Really.

It makes me sad that I have to say to myself, well, I have a job.  At least I have a job, I should be grateful, blah blah blah. 

That is not the kind of life I have worked hard for and not the kind of just getting thru the day career I expected. 

But there it is.

We are all just freaking drones and does work really matter?  Not really.  Not at this stage of the game.  Not for most of us.

At least I am interested in what I do.  Its too bad I am not a dude here or I would at least be given more money. Winking smile

I’m not the friendliest person at work, but that should not be a punitive action.  I’m polite, I just don’t get involved because much like middle school, I have watched them all at one point or other stab each other in the back.  I have a couple of people that I have let get close, but other than that, I am a loner.  I try to get close, then I get bitten then I back up again.  Confuses me.

My boss is a prime example of that.  Now I don’t trust him and I really need to keep my distance.  I have done too much for him.

It’s cool.  Here is my new perspective.  I have a job, I like the work.  I will nod and smile in all the right places and keep my head down and do my job.  No more, no less.

Would you even try to get a new job at my age?  That just seems insane and completely out of the question to me.

Jobs are hard to come by and especially at my age!

I will get past this, its just a freaking job and at 5:00 it is history until 7:30 tomorrow.




11 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Well… I think that in light of my recent realization (that my dad thought he was getting a pension when he wasnt), I would e slightly against leaving for another work, unless said work would be equally beneficial in the retirement field. You can ALWAYS keep looking, sending resumes out, etc… but if you like the work, and you’ve got decent/good benefits… my vote is to stay, but look if you want, and leave if you absolutely most.

    • I decided to stick this job out a long time ago because I know that every company has drama and you can’t hide! I just wish it was a place that made me feel amazing!!! Can’t help but think I should send out some resumes just to see what’s out there though!

  2. You know what? It NEVER hurts to look for a job! Just keep it to yourself of course. My dad just turned 63 and was hired last year by his company! There is hope. 🙂 I know age-discrimination is rampant – my boss is guilty of this – but if you’re being overlooked then you absolutely should look around at what may be available to you. My husband deals with this kind of thing everyday at work. The people above him do absolutely nothing, and he’s constantly having to pick up the slack. Yet ALWAYS gets looked over for any promotions. It’s frustrating. Unfortunately we’re ‘stuck’ for now, but if you have the education and experience, you should definitely look around!! I think jobs are hard to come by for everyone these days. 😦 I have had no luck in the job department, unless I want to commute an hour for an $8/hr job, then again I don’t qualify, since that job requires a degree lol.

  3. I am really sorry your job is such a drag right now, DG. Unappreciate and underpaid is never a good combination. I’d say look around, see if there’s anything better lurking out there to tempt you away. The is always so huge, especially being in the 50-something age range now (I am 53, only a year behind you). I’d say look around and see if there’s anything tempting or better available for you. Just the process might help with your funk over the boss and his shenanigans.

  4. I could have written this post. My boss did the same, sat and played games while I made sure to make him look good. Some part of believed he would really appreciate all my loyalty, but when it came time to cut, guess who got it. ME!

    My new philosophy is when you go beyond your job duties, the first time your a hero, applause, clapping, pats on the back. The second time you do it, you get a pat on the back, the third time you go above and beyond you just owned it lock, stock and barrel. Now everyone expects you to do it, and there is no thanks, but if you stop there is hell to pay.

    Employers do not care about loyalty they are all about what they can squeeze out of you.

    I used to say daily, at least I have a job, went 4 years without a raise to afraid to ask didn’t want to rock the boat. One day I thought this is crazy so on my evaluation day I asked, and I received 25 cents. I wanted to tell them take that 25 cents and put it where the sun don’t shine.

    I am in bankruptcy because of the lay off and guess what, I don’t give rat’s ass.

    I say look for a job what do you have to lose? if you find nothing, then stay put.

    • “My new philosophy is when you go beyond your job duties, the first time your a hero, applause, clapping, pats on the back. The second time you do it, you get a pat on the back, the third time you go above and beyond you just owned it lock, stock and barrel. Now everyone expects you to do it, and there is no thanks, but if you stop there is hell to pay.”

      You are so right!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! This is exactly what has happened as well as me thinking my loyalty would pay off. Foolish !

      I do think I am going to find some time and work on a resume. I haven’t actually updated it in 15 years! Lots of good stuff to be added.

      I can’t help but think they might throw me a bone eventually after the audit, but it probably won’t be much. Hey, it’s all good. I do have a job and I am learning new skills so….

      That you so much for your perspective! Xoxo

      Off to to the salt minds!

  5. It sure couldn’t hurt to update your resume and see what else might be out there! You might just decide this job is worth staying at…..or you might find something better. But, at least you wouldn’t be wondering anymore 🙂 I have always tended to get stuck in a rut with jobs. I don’t like making changes and end up staying way too long, though I have gotten better about it as I’ve gotten older. Fortunately now I have an amazing employer and boss, but it’s hard to get yourself out there and looking.

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