The Old Closed Door Trick

Hi all,

Well, today was not much better than yesterday!


Lots of closed doors and tight lips.

Lots of people walking around with their heads down (or up their asses) not quite sure which!

Funny.  This feels much like it did back in the day when I worked in Aerospace and layoffs were imminent, then datacomm, same thing, telecomm, yep same thing.  It was not a good time between 1995 and 2000!

This is a public agency and it takes quite a bit to lay off people or fire them.  So I am not “too” worried, but one never knows.  You just never know!

I thought I was already in the poor house, but soon I could find my self in the really poor and desparate house!

I just keep plugging along.  I was asked to work some OT tonight, maybe that’s when they will hand me my pink slip!

Ya just never know! 

Thank you for every single bit of advice and support.  I’m looking now to see what a resume actually looks like these days!




4 thoughts on “The Old Closed Door Trick

  1. No pink slip, but nothing else either. Just needed to be there to hold someone’s hand thru a project. Back at it tomorrow, yay I still have a job! They got me where they want me. Lol xoxo

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