For You!


I wanted to post something!  So I posted this bouquet of Peonies for you.  I hope you enjoy this delicate flower as much as I do.

This has been a strange week and I’m trying so hard not to let it affect me emotionally, but it is.  I am hiding at work and trying to just stay way from people.  I’m afraid I am not a very sunny person right now.

Yesterday I found an old resume of mine on my chair. I have no idea how it got there or who had it, but it just suddenly appeared.  I asked my boss if I should take that as a hint, he said my coworker was cleaning out stuff and probably left it. I still think it was completely uncool, with no note.  Whatever!  If I didn’t feel like this is such a hostile environment right now I probably wouldn’t of thought twice about it.

So I just let it go.  I really do need to wrap my arms around the fact that this is just a way to pay bills and its not forever.  I just hate not liking my employer.  It really stinks.

Okay, but beyond all that, I hope you have a great weekend and I cannot wait for 5:00!




8 thoughts on “For You!

  1. Maybe someone is reading your blog and this is their way of letting you know.

    I am the biggest cynic you will ever know. Rarely do I take anything at face value.

    I believe there are no friends at a job just acquaintances at best.

  2. “I believe there are no friends at a job just acquaintances at best.” Gail hit the nail on the head! The whole thing stinks of passive aggressiveness to me. Time to freshen up the resume and find something better!

  3. What if you just took the more aggressive stance since you have nothing to lose. Tell your boss your job is extremely important to you and you would like to be considered for promotions. What do you need to do to make that happen? If nothing else, at least you might find out where you really stand.

    • Hi there! That’s kind of where I have been, trying to reclass, helping with the master plan, etc. his eyes seem to just glaze over. Totaly frustrating and he has been blowing so much smoke, I no longer trust him. I really like him and pretty much thought he was a stand up person, but not lately ! Very disappointing! Xoxo

  4. It’s horrible working in that kind of environment, and the threat of layoffs is really stressful, would be great if you could get a job somewhere else, but I know jobs are hard to get at the moment, hang in there

    • I sure am hanging in! Not always easy but it’s the best option for now! I find there is just not enough time in the day and that is good and bad thing! There is no way they can let me go, I am actually a ace employee. I do my job well, my attendance is perfect. But you really never know. Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

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