Touching Base with my iPad


I thought I would touch base using my iPad as my laptop is 1) in the other room and 2) I am too lazy to go get it!

Not much going on, work still sucks and probably will from here on out!  The company has changed and you know what?  I could not care less really!  It’s just a job!  😉

Oh and I suppose it helps that 1) today I called an attorney friend and she gave me four names of attys with public agency employment experience and 2) I called the Union and confirmed that I have just as much protection  as a due paying member AND she told me that I can get a rep from the union to come to any meetings that might come up!  I told her a few things and she advised me to document, document, document!  Starting with the resume incident.  😉

Besides that I am on a mission to go on a vaca!

I cannot tell you how much my kid and I need one!  More on that later!

For now I better get some shut eye!  Hope all is well!





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