Here We Go!

Hello, hello!

Last night we had an community board meeting and  I’m on the board.  It was quite an eye opener to sit there as residence talked about pipe leaks, mold abatement costs, lawsuits and money.  Remember, I know only too well about the plumbing issues in this place as that is what happened to me 10 years ago when I bought it and part of the reason I’m in BK. 

As I sat there I wondered…. If they only knew how close to the edge I live!  What would I do if it was in my building again?  How would I pay for it?  My answer to myself was… I’d figure it out.  I’d borrow money, let them lien my condo, somehow, I would make it work.

It was just another reminder that I probably didn’t make a financially sound decision booking and paying for the trip to Cabo.  Let me tell you this…its probably the last actual vacation until the BK is discharged!  I probably should have waited until half way to do it, but we are almost there. 

I already feel the stress in my tummy,  I sure hope it doesn’t throw me into a flare!  Crossed fingers.

Last night after I got home from some errands and work, I decided to reformat one of my laptops, it was unresponsive and I am over it.  This will save  quite a bit by making this live longer.


This newly formatted laptop should last us for awhile, at least a year or so.

Then I thought… hmmm, what can I sell?


I remembered this Keyboard and Ukulele in my daughters closet.  I also have her old DS as well as the Pink Chandelier! ( I gotta get that painted!)

Tonight I’m putting them all on Craigs list.  Tomorrow I’m going to go thru my closets and start packing things into big, plastic trash bags to get ready for a garage sale.  

I have lots of clothes and stuff that I didn’t have time to go thru for the last one.  I think I can make at least $100.00 and that will help.

The pantry is full, I have staples and just need to buy a few things for my daughter to eat for her lunches next week, but we are pretty good for the most part.

I am constantly thinking about money and how to save it and make it stretch even more than I did before! 

Today I brought my breakfast (as I always do) this will be a staple for me for awhile! Have you ever noticed the less money you have the more carbs  get consumed?


I hope you are all doing well and that with my ups and downs maybe you see something of me in you! 

Maybe you need a vacation and need to just do it, maybe you decided wow, what a bad idea she made, I won’t do that. 

Either way, I am glad you are here on the journey with me as I try to navigate this BK and live a life that I won’t totally regret!

I am off to start my weekend and hopefully get some stuff ready to sell.




6 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. I’m happy you’re getting away! It may not be the best choice financially, but we have to enjoy our lives too. There has to be a balance. Our big trip is in October, I’ll finish paying it off next week, it was a huge splurge for my family. It will be worth it to get away for 9 days! Give us time to relax, and breathe. 🙂

    I enjoy following your journey, won’t be long until your BK is in the past! Hope you sell a bunch and make some extra moolah. I really need to do this, wish I lived in a better yard sale area, too rural.

    • Angella I cannot wait to hear where you guys are going and what you are doing! It means your husband must be feeling better! I put three items on Craig’s today and I hope something sells soon! Xoxo

      • I wish that were the case! Unfortunately we had this booked before his car accident. 😦 I do need to post an update on all that though.

  2. C’mon now, I didn’t say don’t take a vacation, I said take a different one!

    Even people living close to the edge need a chance to back away now and then so I don’t think you should be thinking of this as your last for a few years, I just think you need to look closer to home. Maybe drive up to Napa Valley and tour a couple vineyards, or hit Vegas for some nickel slots, a half-price show and wandering the strip. Go visit family but carve out time for just you and your daughter (or just you). You don’t have to leave the country to relax and have a good time!

    I do think it’s great that you’re taking the opportunity to really look at how much more money you can make and save. Hopefully some of the new habits will be sustainable and maybe you’ll even rebuild your savings before you leave.

    Speaking of saving money, I noticed in yesterday’s post that you’ll have to pay to check two bags… really? I can fit over a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries into a carry-on and you won’t be gone that long! Plus, you’re going to Cabo, it’s not like you’ll need bulky winter clothes. And sure, the wine only cost $2, but if you’re checking a bag because if it that bottle will end up costing a lot more.

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