Pinterest Odds & Ends

Hello everyone.  I do hope that your weekend was drama free and that you did something fun, got a lot done or just relaxed.

I spent the whole weekend just going through drawers and I have a pile started for a garage sale.  No interest in my Craigslist items so far, I’ll give it some time.  Now I need to pick a date to have a sale!  Maybe next weekend.

I started back on Weightwatchers today, needless to say I have put on a few pounds.  So I am back to counting, at home though, not going to meetings, for obvious reasons.

Tomorrow and Tuesday is a golf tourney for my kid.  So that is all set.  I’m taking two days off and I’m glad to do it.  I think I really need it.  Bet you think so too!  😉

I hope you enjoy the Odds & Ends of Pinterest today!

Remember, click on the image to be taken to the source.

Right out of the gate I spotted this super cute outfit.  Now I just have to get my arms in shape to wear it:


Ain’t it the truth!  Um, yeah!


I will keep this in mind!


Sleeping Puppy:


I just want to scoop it up!

I have always loved this quote!


What a great idea!


Another great idea!


This looks refreshing!


Yum!  Look at all these colorful veggies.


I would call that fully loaded.  I think I see a potato in there, that would add points!  ;-(

As soon as I start using my oven again I want to make this!


This recipe is 3 ingredients and 1.5 weight watchers points a piece! 1 box lemon cake mix-mix with one 20 oz bottle of diet 7-up Bake at 350 for 30 min in 9×13 pan Cool and top with one tub of light cool whip The entire cake is 19 weight watcher points and it is divine! (the source was blocked because of spam.)

Have you ever tried to do this?


I never have, but I always wanted to!

I think that is a pretty good collection.  I love Pinterest, its like a mini escape.

With that I leave you with this last quote!


Love you guys!  Hope you have a wonderful evening and I hope to share some golf pics tomorrow!




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