Waiting for Time to Heal


Today I got up late and started putzing around my condo, going thru my closet and drawers and seeing what I might be able to sell in a garage sale.  Actually, I don’t have a lot, but by the time I have the sale, it will grow, it always does.

No bites on Craigslist, but isn’t that the way it goes, when you need the money, it just doesn’t come!

Anyway, my neighbor is moving out today.  They were renters and they found a house to buy.  He showed me pics, and it is so cute. 

My other neighbor informed me today, as well,  that they are putting there condo on the market next Tuesday.  The market has picked up and they are going to get enough equity for a down on a “cute little house.”

I am honestly happy for these two very cute couples but am reminded that I suck financially, I am a loser and that there is probably never going to be a day in my life that I get to move into a house that I am excited about.  It has been a very emotional day for me.  Thank god my kid is not around to witness this pity party.

I hope this is all worth it.  This is no picnic people!

Just so I have something to share, last night I made a really inexpensive pasta salad that turned out so good. Remember, when I’m down and out, I turn to carbs!

photo (1)

This cost a whopping 4.00~!

photo (2)

Just sauté those veggies in olive oil until you can smell them and then get them off the heat and cool, toss into cold pasta and add the Italian dressing.  I added a can of garbanzo beans and this did not taste like it cost.  It is really good!

photo (3)

And I have enough to last until middle of next week unless I totally pig out.  Its a great cold salad to have in the fridge or make for a picnic too.

photo (4)

Really good.

I will leave you with this because I just don’t have much to offer today.  I am pretty pathetic.  I know some of you are thinking why in the hell are you sad, you are going to Cabo?   OMG, I cannot wait!


But in the scheme of things, I AM IN A BK.  My life is not easy and I am doing the best I can!  People around me are doing more than just the best they can, they are actually doing well! 

I am trying not to compare myself, its so hard right?  I got nothing but time now, so bring on the healing!]

Sorry. Venting.




8 thoughts on “Waiting for Time to Heal

  1. Oh Debtgirl … I am so sorry for your unpleasant feelings. It has been a rough week in so many ways that this must have been like icing on the cake. You are NOT a loser! Nearly everyone makes financial mistakes and has to deal with the consequences, and it’s a very long and hard lesson at times. But you are nearing the halfway point of your 60 payments and life will be altered once that monkey is finally off your back. You’ve written recently about your job challenges and I know that is in play here as well. It’s not easy, but it can be done. And you’re going to Cabo in a couple of months. Things will work out.

    • Janelle, its been a rollercoaster lately. I am getting thru it but when it rains it pours and I know it is perspective. I am working on that too! Whew! Thank you so much for the kind words! Xoxo

      • You’re doing GREAT, particularly under challenging circumstances. Being real with life’s circumstances means we cannot always be upbeat and positive 100% of the time, so it’s okay to express your frustration and regret about past choices. We get it. But really, you are NOT a loser or a failure!

  2. When I get blue about my life I try to think of all the positive good things. You have a home and it’s your own home! You have a job! You are going to Cabo! I’m sure you can think of more 🙂

  3. I hate to see you so depressed. You are doing a wonderful job raising DD and seem to be constantly planning ahead about how to improve your situation. Big hug from 3000 miles away, give or take. Now give yourself a hug and carry on.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    • Bestbun thank you for the hugs and the kind words! It means a lot! I dont want to be a downer but its not easy so I need to be honest in case someone is considering bk option! I will take thAt hug now! Xoxo

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