TGIF–No Plans!

Are you as glad as I am that it is finally Friday!?!

I don’t have any plans that amount to much and that just makes it really great! 

My kid has plans though.  She has golf clinic in the morning and then she is working as a counselor at camp sleepover.  Can you believe they make her pay $25.00 to do that and she is actually there working as a volunteer to help take care of over 100 kids!?!!  Really, she has to pay?   (shaking my head here).

I just keep reminding her that next year, this will be a paying job for her if she decides to go back!  Also,  she’s recently been getting asked for her phone number for babysitting jobs from the parents of the camp kids.  I can’t wait until she starts that!

All I have to do tomorrow is drive her around, take a walk and putz around the condo.  I need to do laundry and maybe, just maybe paint that dang chandelier.  Oh and I want to take some pics of the Wii and post that for sale~!

I need to stop at the 99 cent store on the way back from her golf clinic, its on the way.


My list is growing.  Thankfully I can spend way less there than at a mainstream market!  I need to get gas as well.  I will try to put at least $60.00 of that $125.00 from yesterday away for school clothes/registration.  I am trying to squirrel what I can away to help out!

I think I have met my “extra spending” quota for the rest of the year, yes?  Winking smile

Last night I had insomnia so I started my list of things that I want to pack and do for Cabo.  That list is growing as well.  I am going to find out exactly what my costs will be!   I am starting to look forward to it.  I was kind of in shock that I actually booked it and now I’m starting to relax into the fact that we are going on vaca!

So that’s what’s up with me.  I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend.  If you have no plans at all, that can be even better!!

I am going to share a great crock pot recipe tomorrow. It is so hot here I don’t like to cook with anything else!




2 thoughts on “TGIF–No Plans!

  1. Hello
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog & look forward to your posts. You seem like a great person & you are so devoted to you daughter! Enjoy that trip!!

    • Thank you Rhonda for letting me know you come and visit me! It means the world to me! I am looking forward to the trip, but it sure wasn’t the most brilliant move on my part! Gah!!! 😉 xoxoxox

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