Couple Of Bites

Hello Hello!

You know I’m selling stuff using Craigslist, employee newsletter and the Penny Saver.  For some reason I haven’t received any bites on stuff on Craigslist.  Then it dawned on me today that maybe the email from there is stuck in the bulk folder.  Yep, there was one in there from someone interested in the laptop and one for the Wii!

I’ve been going back and forth with the laptop guy… we are down from $130.00 to $85.00.  Works for me!  Its school clothes for the kiddo!  I hope they both sell and then that is pretty much taken care of!    The other big thing is the Ukulele.  Oh I got a bite on the Pink DS that didn’t sell last year as well.  We shall see!

Hopefully, it will all sell, I’ve cut this month so close its not even funny.  It is so scary – I will not be doing this again until I have saved up an emergency fund of at least $1000.00 and the money to pay for a small vacation. 

Cross my heart!


In other news, here is the latest update on my credit score.  August 2014. 


Down a point from last month, but it just seems to go up and down, up and down with no real rhyme or reason.  I look at it every once in awhile for kicks.  There’s really not a lot I can do about it until after the BK is over.  Then I should see a major increase at discharge and even more of a jump 2 years after BK discharged!  Can’t wait.

I made my 22nd payment today.  I cannot wait until I say “I made my 52nd payment today”!  It feels like it is way, way far away!

Bad news, the baby skunk did not make it.  I called the doctor and he said it had too much head trauma and well… bleeding.  He said it most likely got hit by a car.  He was one of the nicest people I have ever not met!

I want to put a SLOW DOWN sign by that place!


At least we tried and it didn’t die on the side of the road, for what it is worth.




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