Selling, Buying and Golf News!

Selling Stuff
The Laptop sold for $75.00 and then the guy texted me and told me it freezes!  Dang it.  I thought since I reformatted it that it would stop doing that!  Its def. a hardware issue.  So I gave him two options, bring it back for full refund or keep it for $25.00.  He chose the keep it option.  It’s the right thing to do.  So now I have $75.00 stashed in our school clothes fund.  $50.00 from the Keyboard sale and this.  Its not adding up very fast. ;-(

I did get a call for the Ukulele – will see what happens there!

This Saturday is the garage sale, I will probably make a few more dollars.  Every little bit helps!  Sunday the guy that wants the DS wants to meet but I think I’m going to invite him to the garage sale Saturday and save time and gas!  That’s 25.00!

My kid has to go thru her clothes tonight.  Her clothes sell really well and she hasn’t gone thru her closets and drawers as well as she should.  I told her the more crap that sells, the better.  She has stuff that is way too small crammed back up in there.

She has a full day of golf camp today.  I think maybe one more golf clinic this month and then she needs to just golf with dad.  School and golf season starts this month.  Next month her membership dues are due as well.  OMG, its always something.

I got this!  Right?  Yeah!

Buying Stuff

Now its time to buy chicken!  Just in the nick of time too. I can’t spend lots on groceries right now, but having this in the house to cook up on the stove top grill pan is really cheap and convenient.


I can never pay more than that for chicken! EVER EVER EVER!!!!  It always goes on sale, so why pay more?

Golf (good) News

The high school  is getting a NEW GOLF COACH!  We met him at the driving range the other night.  Remember, her coach from last year was awful, I mean terrible, a real jerk!!!  We are so excited and the new one seems so nice and Oh.. BTW… I could tell that he is in complete agreement about the old coach.  He was subtle, but I could tell!  I’m sure there are going to be lots of happy families this year!

Tomorrow I have time to set up the garage, get the signs hung up and get ready for the last garage sale until next summer.  I hope to sell at least 75.00 bucks worth.  What I don’t sell goes to donation.

I hope you have more exciting plans than I do for the weekend!




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