Small & Successful Garage Sale


I got up super early for a Saturday and this was my view for a bit. Just me, my coffee and iPhone.  But not for long and I was swarmed by garage sale shoppers.

Sorry the pics are so bad!  iPhone.

I did really well,   I think this is the smallest sale I’ve had.  It was pretty good, most people were great but I actually had one lady complain that my signs were too small and that it was a let down once she got here~!  Then she proceeded to hand me seventy cents for five dollars worth of junk.  I let her have it, she comes to every garage sale, I think she goes to them all!


Here’s what it looked like before I pushed it all out.


See the little nesting tables?  Sold.  See the pink chandelier?  Sold. 

I made $20.00 on it.  I know, I know, I was gonna make $120.00 but I decided I don’t have the time to paint it.  And those tables?  Pish Posh!  I gave that project to a  lady as well as the rest of the stripper and wished her well!

Note to self, no more projects!  Waste of money and bad for the self esteem! 😉


I just didn’t think I had much that would sell!


Eventually it all sold.  I made $140.00!  All but two bags which I already donated.


I think I did very well for 4 hours this morning and a few hours schlepping it down there yesterday.  Its all good.  I feel like we have more room and less junk!

I put that money with the $75.00 already saved for my daughters school clothes.  $215.00 for the fund already! 

Now I need to sell the Wii and the Ukulele and add some of that to the school clothes and some for Cabo trip fund.

All in all, a successful day!

Hope you are having a good weekend!




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