It was so quiet at home on Sunday, I LOVED it.  My kid went to the beach with her friend and I just zoned out.

The Friends of the Library had a book sale that I stumbled upon when I went there looking for a good book!

I found this one:


As well as a grocery bag full of other good books! 

For $4.00 you could fill a grocery bag and so I did!  I got all kinds of Lee Child books as well as Harlan Corbin.  My dentist told me he is a must read.

I’m already finished Hard Way.  So good!

I think I have enough now to last me awhile.  I read in spurts.  I guess I am in one of those spurts now! 

I usually donate them back to the Friends of the Library and they can resell them.  The volunteer there said I picked some of the most popular books… with her help of course.

I will not be posting for a few days.  Don’t worry, I am well but have some personal things happening that need my full attention.




4 thoughts on “Quiet…Reading!

  1. I enjoyed Harlan Cobain’s books as well. Your dentist has good taste. I started the Jack Reacher series years and years ago and got distracted and wandered away.

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