Catch Up & Oregon

Hello all!

Back to work today!  It’s so crazy at work.  My boss is out of the country so we are even more short staffed than usual.

Even with the madness, I had to find time to run home and take my kid to her first practice for the High School Golf team.

Afterwards she told me her coach said she “kills” it!  She is doing so well, I think he (even if he is a creep) is really impressed.  I think the other coach is going to be just a volunteer, but hopefully, it will help.

This whole week is golf practice and registration for school is on Weds.  So we are off!  Sophomore year here we come!

When I started this process she was in 8th grade!  Time is passing.  I don’t think it’s passing fast, but it’s passing none the less!

We went school clothes shopping yesterday.  I did not stick to my budget.  Damn it!   But I told her that is it now, until Christmas, then we can freshen up her wardrobe again then.  Its only a few months away!  Can you believe that?

I still have not sold the ukulele or the Wii.  I’m bummed.  I will keep it in the paper until it sells!

My mom has given two of her cats to my sisters.  I reminded her that she can visit them anytime.  She is very sad.  They have been packing her stuff up since I left and hopefully, she will be settled and through this difficult transition process soon.  It’s the hardest part.

Here are more pics from my walk in Oregon.

The coolest path!




I think this is Queen Anne’s Lace, I love it.


We all grew up next to this creek!





Blackberries! Wild.  I love the red ones!  Winking smile


And some beautiful wild flowers.



I miss home! 

Hope you are all well!




7 thoughts on “Catch Up & Oregon

  1. Yay for your sisters taking in your mom’s cats. I’m a pet-nut and would find it soooo hard to part with a pet, but would feel better knowing where they are. Hope that kid keeps killin’ it at golf.

    • She is taking such good care, I called her. Pumpkin is actually acclimating! He is not under the bed like most cats do!
      Very happy. Now we got to get Little Kitty settled! xoxoxox

  2. DebtGirl, so sorry about you mom’s health and yet glad you were able to get up there to spend some time with her during this transition. DH and I are heading for our annual Portland adventure in a month, so looking forward to the lush greenery.

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