Springwater Corridor–Portland Oregon

(Janelle, don’t miss this post!) Winking smile

One of the pics I posted the other day was taken on this path.  You have to check this out if you are in Portland!


http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/finder/index.cfm?action=ViewPark&PropertyID=679  (The Springwater trail 40 mile loop is a hard surface path about twelve feet wide)

Its an old train track and they turned it into a bike / walk path.  Its HUGE!

Carol's Springwater half century

I cannot wait to move back to Portland and make this part of my walk routine!  I have no idea where I will live, but this is pretty big and shouldn’t be too hard to live near!portland-bike-springwater

So next time you are in Portland or if you live there (lucky) check this out!

Ok, so I just need to post (vent) that I can’t even imagine this world without my mom in it.  I am 54 and she has always been THE ONLY person that really knows me, gets me and still loves me.  I know that going into the assisted living is the best because I know her meds will be given correctly and on time and she will be monitored, but I know what the inevitable is.

That is not BK related, but it is really part of my emotional life! I told you I would post about the ups and downs.   Its making it even harder to feel good about where I am.  The Cabo trip is weighing heavy on me like a huge boulder mistake right now. There is no way out of it.  I  just hope that I can try to enjoy it.

What a dumb ass I can be! ;-(

Sorry to vent!




10 thoughts on “Springwater Corridor–Portland Oregon

  1. Your mom is being well taken care of. You made a decision right or wrong to take the trip. You are spending the money and how foolish to not enjoy yourself.

    You have so much going on you are not thinking straight.

    Take this trip, enjoy every moment, come home refreshed and get back on the straight and narrow.

    Beating yourself up serves no purpose except to your health.

    Stop it!! Give yourself permission to enjoy this trip. You have plenty of months to live with head down getting through this.

    • Thank you Gail! You are right! I am just afraid we won’t have much money to take but I think we can get along on fish tacos!!! Xoxo. I will feel better when my mom is tucked in! Xoxo

  2. DebtGirl, thanks so much for the information and the lovely pictures. We will most definitely be checking this out when we’re in Portland next month.

  3. I might have missed it along the way of following your blog, but what is your plan for moving back to Oregon? when you retire or a sooner plan? Just curious….:-)

  4. Don’t feel bad about Cabo. The debt might linger but your kids are only 15 once and you should enjoy taking her on a trip to Mexico. I know because I’m in debt too with teenagers. We mothers are good at feeling guilty but too much can paralyze. Have a great time next month and enjoy!

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