Mom’s Fur Babies

Today is moving day.  My mom is getting moved by my brother.  My sisters have been packing and going through my mom’s things since I left on Saturday.  Before I left, mom gave me these cute little kitties!

august 2014 796

Aren’t they cute?   I will keep them forever.

I told you I would share pics of her babies.  Lets start with the last one that she got.  This is Little Kitty:

august 2014 169

He came to live with my mom from somewhere in the complex.  He just showed up and strangely enough, her other two cats let him in.  So she found out where he came from and they gave him to her.  He needed so much love and she gave it to him.

]august 2014 199

Sweet boy:  When I stayed there he slept with me!

august 2014 785

Love Little Kitty!

This one is Pumpkin:

august 2014 141

More like a cream cycle!

august 2014 153

He has the prettiest face and my mom spoiled him rotten. 

august 2014 788

Now you have to meet Puddy Cat!

august 2014 163

My moms “perfect cat”.

august 2014 167

She loves this cat even though he needs to take a shot a day, bites her if she doesn’t get up on time, lays on her like she’s his cot and other various minor abuses!

She is keeping this special boy with her because she feels like nobody will love him like she does and he is “perfect” in her eyes!  “He looks just like a cat is supposed to look.”

august 2014 155

So there are my mom’s fur babies.  Pumpkin and Little Kitty are in their new homes with my sisters and they are doing well.

Mom and Puddy Cat are moving today and hopefully will be all settled soon!




6 thoughts on “Mom’s Fur Babies

  1. Awwww, I’m a cat fan. Thanks for sharing those pics. And lest you forget the way it is with cats, Little Kitty let you sleep with him:). Hope everyone adjusts to their new homes.

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