If I was going to tag this post, (I probably won’t because I am really bad about blog housekeeping) I would tag it under Chapter 13 Stress.

Lots going on and I need to get it off my chest.  It does help to blog vent…. temporarily.

Let me list the things that are coming up that cost money and cause me stress, and lots of it.

  • The HOA board is discussing a Special Assessment for some structural damage on the buildings.  Oh… let see, up to 10K a piece/owner.  OMG…. This is my biggest stress!  I hate being on the board, my voice does not matter and just hearing all the drama might not be such a good idea after all.  I thought maybe I should be aware of these things.  However, if you can’t do anything about them, then what is the point?  Thoughts?
  • Car maintenance, I need tune up, probably brakes as well and all 4 tires are bad. Really bad.
  • My kid is going to want/need a car in the next couple of years.  I have nothing saved, nothing.  We all know how much a car costs plus the cost of getting Driver Ed, Insurance, maint…..
  • My kids golf is costing a fortune.  Right now she is concentrating on High School golf and I’m not paying any tourney fees/dues until November.  I do still take her to the clinics on Saturday when I can.  But in November I need to come up with membership dues and cost of the next tourney.
  • I have that trip to Cabo coming up and I really haven’t been able to save much for that. The flights and room are paid for.  But we have no money to do anything while we are there!  OMG, that was the stupidest thing I have ever done…. recently that is.
  • My couch is falling apart.  The cats have used it for a scratch post and its over 10 years old.
    Classy. Stinky.  Classy. Stinky…
  • The gasket on my refrigerator ripped, so I used duct take repair it. Classier.  I can buy a new gasket and replace it and plan to look into that in the next couple of months.  I already learned how to do it on YouTube. But really, I have never seen a ripped gasket before.
  • I just bought a ton of school clothes for my kid and paid over $300.00 for all her school registration stuff, but I think I missed the traveling fee for her sport AND now they have new golf uniforms as well, I have no idea how much that is gonna cost.
  • I want to take an art class in January.  Probably can’t afford it.  I really want to take that class.
  • My kids wisdom teeth are coming in.   That surgery to remove them is not covered on insurance.  I need to get those looked at before FSA sign up at work so I know how much to deduct.
  • Christmas is coming.
  • Taxes are coming.

It’s a wonder I can sleep at night.  Its no wonder that wine has become a staple at my house.  Its no wonder I have gained a few pounds and increased the wrinkle count on my face.  Its not wonder I lose my temper and am constantly distracted and scattered.

I honestly think that getting into this Chapter 13 was probably not the best Idea.  I am coming up on 2 years.  I still have 3 years to go and it’s a freaking nightmare each and every month.  Its crawling by.  There is no end in sight.  Do you think once I hit the half way mark I will feel like I am on the other side of the grade?  On the downhill slide?

OMG…I don’t wish this on anybody.  Have I been whining a lot, sorry!!  😉

Heavy sigh… and gulp, this glass of Pinot  tastes divine!

See you tomorrow!  Happy Friday!~




12 thoughts on “Overwhelming…

    • Hi Chris,
      Based on all the comments here, I am sure going to check that out. I assumed because mine weren’t covered that hers won’t be. I will double check!
      Thank you!


  1. Sorry you are going thru such a rough patch. What you keep going through is the exact reason why we did not do a Chapter 13. In fact our attorney wouldn’t even do Ch 13’s. She said they don’t work and people just end up filing Ch 7 before the 5 years is up and it’s 5 years of stress.

    As for the car for your daughter. My advice is at this point, it can’t be your problem! Not everyone can afford a car for their kid. Heck, a lot of parents make their kid buy their own, even if they can afford it. If she wants one bad enough then she will have to make some choices/sacrifices to work toward getting one herself. When you can’t even build up a small emergency fund, the last thing you need to be doing in the next couple of years is buying your daughter a car and all the costs associated with it.

    Unfortunately, these were the cards she got dealt as a teenager and she’ll have to make the best of it. We can’t do everything for our kids, especially when the money just isn’t flat out there. I get the feeling you want her to feel no effects of this bankruptcy, but that just isn’t realistic. She might not get to do all she wants to do, she might need to get a part time job or a babysitting job so she can buy her own school clothes, or help towards her athletic costs. That doesn’t make you a bad parent! She will learn some valuable lessons about managing her time and money.

    I can’t remember when your trip is, but between now and then can you do something on the side to earn some cash (not reported to bankruptcy, obviously)? Like babysit in the eves or weekends, dog sit for someone? Advertise your computer skills on Craigslist. My kid makes lots of little side income in cash that way. He repairs computers, does website work, buys old computers and fixes them up, resells them and maybe makes $50-$75 off it. You might earn a few hundred to give you some spending money for your trip.

    That’s too bad your dental insurance won’t cover the wisdom teeth. I’ve never heard of insurance not covering that. Ours covered like 80% (or maybe it was 50%). Hopefully her’s aren’t impacted and won’t cost as much. You might want to call around a few places and get their cost estimates. They probably vary.

    We replaced our refrigerator gasket seal before, DH did it and seemed like it was pretty easy and we just bough the gasket online.

    Can you get off the HOA board? Like you said, there isn’t much point of it and if it’s giving you stress, you certainly don’t need that added to your life! Hope you weekend gets better 🙂

    • Hi There! Thank you so much for this great reply! I actually put in a few hours OT next week and instead of taking comp time I took money! That should help some. I hate working on the side, I stopped doing it because it really stresses me out even more. I didn’t mind it when I was younger, but working on peoples home PCs really sucks. I know, I should do it again, but it really did affect me physically. I can’t explain it. The money is good though! I might have to buck up.
      You are right, I am trying to keep this whole BK from my kid. She hears me talk and complain about the money now more than ever, I don’t know how long I can keep it from her. She can’t wait to get a job and make her own money, I don’t think I have to worry about her ever being lazy. She gets a permit in December.
      She will have to help with the car and her dad will help maybe as well. In November, I will be able to start saving again I think as well.
      I am so glad that the gasket is not hard to replace. I do not want to pay for that to get done. I have become quite handy.
      I can get off the board. I am thinking about it. It does stress me out even more. I will give it some thought too.
      thank you so much for your input … I SO appreciate it.

  2. Wouldn’t structural damage/exterior issues fall within the HOA repairs, not homeowners?? Our HOA made it clear that specific elements of our townhome/condo were excluded, but nearly anything exterior is covered by the HOA. $10k per owner sounds extreme!! I’d be reading all the fine print of your original HOA agreement.

    I understand the bad tires. Three of mine are completely bald. 😦 But minimum $500 to replace, which we don’t have. Hoping they hold up just a little longer.

    Does your kids father provide any child support? I’d be requesting his help more than ever for all these school and extracurricular activities!

    As for a car, honestly, don’t even worry about it. Not every teenager gets a car. She can work at some point and save her money. Perhaps offer to match her savings when she’s ready for a car!? But only if you’re in the position to do so. You don’t owe her a car.

    How much does a refrigerator gasket run?

    Wisdom teeth – is it not covered by dental insurance or medical? Check medical if you haven’t. My removal fell under medical procedure, not dental, and was covered 90%!!

    Sorry you’re stressed out. It happens to all of us. The blog is a great place to vent about it and perhaps get some good advice. I hope things improve soon. And I still think an escape to Cabo is much needed, so I hope you relax and enjoy it!!!

    • Hi Angella, I have been thinking of you too. I dropped by and saw you are “off line” for now. Please let me know when you start up again. I hope you are doing better.
      I gotta get tires when I get back, first thing. I am not completely sure how much or even if there will be a Special Assessment, but they are such a weird board!
      I will check into the wisdom teeth costs and look around too.
      Stress does happen.
      This (BK) is not for the faint at heart for sure. I can’t imagine what problems I would have if I actually had too much money. I would love to find out though! 😉

      • Yes, I have had to let my domain go for good, for many reasons. I’m hoping to start a new site up eventually, so we’ll see. I will let you know! 🙂 I wish I have a “too much money” problem too! lol. Money could probably…errr definitely…buy my happiness these days lol. Or at least take off a huge load of stress! I hope things turn around soon.

        • I got a reminder to pay for mine again, its cheap… but I didn’t pay it. I need to do that soon or I might not have a blog either. I better check my email. Yes, let me know so I can add the new domain to the blog roll.

  3. Your issues are so similar to mine even though we are in different boats. I’m trying to take stuff one day at a time and save a little eve if it’s just five dollars here and there. I agree with most of the comments and I might add try not to worry it will get better. Perspective is everything and things could always be worse.

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