Super Inexpensive Carpet Cleaner


Hello!  Before I share my latest money saving technique… I have to share some good news!!!

My daughter got a text from a parent from the summer art camp where she’s been volunteering for the last couple of years!  She put herself on a babysitting list and she responded to a woman yesterday who is seeking a babysitter every other Saturday for a few hours at $15.00 an hour! 

My kid texted her back and then called her as well.  She had a nice long conversation and the woman said she wants her to start next Saturday! 

I’m so excited.  It’ll be my kids first paying job!  Its 4 kids and $15.00 is a little cheap, but like I told  her, you are getting experience.  That is priceless.  So keep your fingers crossed for her!  That will give her some spending money for Cabo! (She will also add some to her car fund)!  I can’t wait to see her face and the pride she will have from that!  She should make $75.00 on Saturdays, twice a month.

Now my latest find from the .99 Cent Store! 

I’ve actually been using this for awhile now.  Sometimes I use Vinegar with a teaspoon of Dawn and some water and that works great occasionally, but with two cats who share this room, I need something stronger and this is just the ticket.


I know it says its for spots, but who cares?  I just put a about half a cup in with hot water in the Shampooer.


And I might add that I’m so glad that I had this shampooer repaired and maintained.  It cost me $80.00 but it is such a good one that I did not want to fork over money for a new one and this is the BEST shampooer I’ve ever had.  I have had it for over 10 years!


Its already getting gunked up with hairballs!  Winking smile  I usually get those out with a sharp object.  If you love your shampooer and it stops sucking up the water, just take it to a vacuum repair store and they will make it like brand new, if the motor is good, and lucky for me, mine is perfect.  GREAT!

Have you seen the cost of carpet shampoo?  CRAZY!  I won’t pay a lot for carpet shampooer or laundry soap.  But don’t buy the laundry soap at the 99 cent store, its terrible on your washer.  I ruined mine.  I buy mine at Big Lots or CVS, I never pay more than 3 or $4.00 a bottle.  EVER!  Have you seen the crap they want 15.00 a bottle for?  REALLY?  Even when I thought I had money, I didn’t pay that much!

In other news, the Wii Bundle is going to be posted in the paper this week,  hopefully that will sell!!! 

Have a great day!




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