Real Estate Forecast -2017

Hello!  How are you doing for a Hump Day?  I’m exhausted.  I mean, really exhausted.

I just could not sleep to save my life last night so today I drank quite a bit of this!


In my most favorite coffee cup ever!  Winking smile 

My mind was racing… again.  Going in circles about…well….you name it and I thought about it.  Work, finance, daughter, health, etc. 

So about 12:30ish I got online and I Googled the real estate forecast for the year 2017.  That is my scheduled discharge date from the BK.  I haven’t looked at those numbers in quite some time and I have to say, they look promising.

This link is one site I found and I like the looks of this chart I found there:


Even the most pessimistic view of the three is good news. It looks like we are climbing out.

Now lets just hope that it stays stable and continues to grow.  Heck I would take any growth rate, just no more downturns PLEASE!

I know Zillow is not the best resource, but there were other sites that basically agreed with these numbers.


Wouldn’t it just be great!!!  Can you imagine actually having equity?  I can remember when the news and radio offered HARP and REFI ads every five second.  That has subsided and I think its a good sign.  Right?

Are you upside down? Were you upside down?  Are you feeling more confident in the market?  Do you think this will last and sustain until 2017?



4 thoughts on “Real Estate Forecast -2017

  1. We were upside down in our old home, in 2011. Owed $96,000, but it was only valued at $35,000 for resale, it’s now only worth $69k. The market collapse hit our area hard. As a result, lots of foreclosures, and that meant lots of investors snatching up property to rent out, which brought in a lot of trouble. So we did a short sale to get out of a bad neighborhood. That home was in my husbands name only, so I was able to purchase our new home in my name. We bought it for $35k, have put about $35k in renovations into it, and it’s now appraised in the $130’s! I’m very happy with that equity!! I’m glad the market is turning around, albeit slowly. I’ll never be confident in the market, the same folks who caused the collapsed are still doing business, they’re the ones that got the bailouts….scary! Hopefully it keeps going up and you can get out in 2017 and make a little cash. 🙂

  2. We are still under water with a mortgage of 290,000 and the area we live in is very desirable. I think we could get close to 300,000 but in 5 years when my husband retires I hope it’ll be lots more. Average houses here go for 350,000 and up. So here’s to positive thinking.!!

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