Chicken Tikka Masala – Box Kit?

Hi there,  Happy Friday!

Have I mentioned lately that I am so “into” Indian food!?!

I am!  I love it but not the price.

I found a solution!   Yes, a box Kit.


Today my kid is not feeling well.  She went to school but man, she does not feel good, no temp, but a really bad cold.  Yup, and tomorrow she has a baby sitting job.  I hope she feels better by the morning.  So far so good.

I stopped by the new Target by our house.  Its so close.  I had coupons that they sent in the mail but were expired.  I asked the guy on the floor and they took them anyway.  $10.00 off.  Yay!   I went to get her some Day Quill (off brand) and some other things on the way home from a grueling day!

I  consider dinner free because of the coupons!  Today I worked 7 hours OT!  Such a stressful day.  I had to buy wine to go with dinner!  Part of the freebie!

$5.99 a bottle and I can I tell ya, its really good!


Yep, that is ice in my red wine.  I know!  I love it with ice!!  Nope, not embarrassed about it either!  😉

Back to to the box kit:  it comes with uncooked rice and masala sauce.


You just have to have chicken on hand!


Who doesn’t have that?

Prepare the rice as usual.


Then when the chicken is done pour on the sauce.

I’m in Indian Heaven!


I really liked this, but I would like to get it a little.spicier next time if it comes that way. Or I could add something.  I also get Naan as well, which is the bread, but didn’t feel like it tonight.

This is a great way to change up chicken!

I hope you try it, or something different tonight!




3 thoughts on “Chicken Tikka Masala – Box Kit?

  1. Yum, I love (most) Indian food, especially their desserts and potato dumplings! Dinner looks great. I should see if they have that kit around me… my parents need to extend their food horizons.

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