Downton Abbey Binge–FREE!


I hope your weekend turned out great! 

I had a full weekend of Downton Abbey!


I never got into this series and decided to finally give it a go because of all the wonderful things I’ve heard.

In order to watch it for free I signed up for Amazon Prime Trial for a month.  I will cancel!

I was a serious binge watcher and I’m already into Season 3 with plans to get thru Season 4 by the time the new season hits the airwaves.

Yesterday I made a big pot of chicken and rice soup.


And can I just say that this batch is so good.  I brought some to work for lunch today and plan to eat it all week!


Sometimes you win and some times you lose and this was a winner! 

Why don’t they ever taste the same? 

After I gobbled that up  I climbed back in bed for more!

So far my fav character is the Lord of the House, his daughter Mary and the cook!  Oh and the grandma (Maggie Smith) is actually first on my list, she is soooo funny.

Not sure I’m into Shirley McLain.  She brings it down a bit.  Maybe she gets better or leaves.  Either of those options would work.  I think Kathy Bates would have been good but she is not old enough.  How about Betty White?  Much better.


Guess who joined binged with me?


I’m sure lots of cats do this!  The minute I get on my laptop I have to angle it so she can see too. Eventually she tires of it and I get the full screen back to myself, but she loves to watch TV.  So funny!  Every single night she crawls up next to me to see what I’m doing.  She even likes games.  Crazy Gracie!

That is how I spent my weekend and since I didn’t feel great, I was happy to do so.

The weather is so awful this week. Muggy!


I just watered the plants on the patio and it feels much better!  Hope you are cooling off where you are.

Are you into Downton Abbey?  Who are your fav characters?




2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Binge–FREE!

  1. I tried the show and fortunately didn’t get too hooked. Oh and I’ll take your weather anytime it’s getting cool here in Canada and Calgary had snow!

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