Cabo Trip Postponed


I’ve been watching the weather down south because this is Hurricane season. That’s why the room is so cheap.  Unfortunately ODILE is going to hit Sunday, the day we were supposed to fly in.


Cabo is at the tip of that little strip and it was moving that way. That red part will be in Cabo on Sunday! 


Also the timing just sucked.  Back to school night is the 17th.  I have never missed one of those either.


“This system is expected to continue slowly shifting northward through the end of the week, then pick up more speed during the weekend as it strengthens.

Odile will likely become a hurricane by the start of the weekend.”  Read more about it here?

Can I tell you that this whole trip has been so hard!  Everything from booking, to paying to organizing to weather!

I’m actually glad that it is postponed because I need a break!  I could of cried because it was so not worth the hassle yesterday.

Today things are looking up!  I am happy to be going in December instead!!

Less weather, time off in the middle of the drama that is going on at work and more! 

So Cabo is postponed for now!  BTW, these images are from yesterday.  There is still a hurricane, only not as close! But there are more brewing out there. 

Glad we won’t be flying into them.




4 thoughts on “Cabo Trip Postponed

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