Happy Friday!


I’m so glad it is Friday and to be honest, I’m so glad that we are not going to Mexico this weekend! 


Wow, who says that?  But chances are it won’t look like that picture this weekend. The storm has lost some strength but still a huge storm.  I am not into stormy weather.  December will be a much MUCH better time to go.

Actually, I think neither of us were ready to go,  even if the weather was good it just seemed to be a bad time. 

It’s High School Golf season and the team is off to a great start!   They are 3 and 0 and they just beat the Area Champions yesterday by 13 strokes! 

They are so excited.


(Almost as excited as Tiger!)

I took my Mexico spending money and paid her club membership dues and signed her up for an 18 hole tourney this month. 

So off we go!


I had to fork cash over for that sooner or later and sooner is better because the tourney registration closes tomorrow!  She would have missed the game. 

She will practice the course this weekend with her dad to get the lay of the land.   Saturday she is going to the all girls clinic as well.  So we are back to the swing of things.  Literally.

I have GOT to sit down and figure it all out this weekend.


I’m keeping home expenses really low.   We are eating lots of spaghetti (I made a killer sauce last night).  My kid asked why we are eating so much spaghetti and I asked her…. do you want to play golf?  She shut it pretty quickly!

I don’t do huge grocery shopping’s anymore, I see what we need and maybe pick up meat or frozen (microwavable) meals on sale and stock up that way.  I used to spend so much on food.   I have cut way back.  Just buy what we need and a few sale items to stretch it.

A funny thing.  I’ve had a pair of sandals in my closet for probably 3 years or so, way in the back, that I found recently. I pulled them out today and the price tag was still on them.  $35.00!  I could not believe that I spent $35.00 on a pair of shoes.

How times have changed.  I remember a time when I didn’t spend less than $130.00 for a pair of shoes!  I remember a time when I would get up on a Saturday morning, go to the mall and spend three hours and come back with bags of clothes, makeup and shoes and spend the rest of the afternoon in Girl Heaven!  


Those were days long before my daughter and long before I even had a clue what was going to happen to me down the road.  I wonder if I would have saved instead of spent if I realized what kind of financial trouble I would be in. 

I bet I would have spent just the same.  I got so much satisfaction out of it all.  Oh it was too much fun.  Winking smile

My plans are to just lay low this weekend, conserve gas and energy.  The only big thing is to drive to the golf clinic, and that is not that far.

What are your plans?




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